Learn from teachers from all around the world.

Why choose us?
XNUMX reasons to choose 7AIMS

Why choose us?
7 reasons to choose AIMS


100 percent

Western musician lessons

Taking lessons from teachers abroad in Japan with an ease of mind. It's almost as if your study abroad has already begin.


Lessons in the language you want to study.

(Some Japanese support is also possible)

It's not only the language, you will also learn specific terminology along the way. If it's for music, you will be motivated.


Authentic western style

Practice the music method

With more authentic Western-style lessons that use music theory as it is, the fun and pain of music will be of great help to you.


According to goals and objectives

Customize the course

Customize the content according to your goals, such as preparing for the music college entrance exam, attending classes, concerts, and hobbies!We can handle from beginners to professionals.



With a professor at Tokyo College of Music

Preparing for the entrance exam

Just like preparing for the entrance exam for the Japanese College of Music, prepare for the entrance exam with your desired overseas music college professor.Take the teacher's lesson in Japan and win the study abroad.


choose the ECC

You can take classes wherever you are

All courses and online lessons are available.It is effective not only for distant places and when you want to save time, but also for infection control.


Leading to study abroad music

Our Services

Make full use of the network with prestigious music college professors unique to music study abroad agents!Support for entrance exam preparation is perfect!

Wide Variety of courses

Whether you are preparing for an entrance exam to a music college or just want to have fun!
Find the perfect lesson.


I thought that the only person who knew more about studying abroad in the UK was AndVision.

Suzuna Hamada/Piano online public lesson
(Mr. Graham Scott: Principal Professor, Royal Northern College of Music)

Online piano lesson with school information session given by the head professor of the Royal Northern College of Music

I was able to hit high notes very easily.

Sayano Tabata/Voice public lesson
(Lucetta Bizzi/Professor “Arrigo Boito” of the Conservatory of Parma, Italy)

I'm surprised!

Messages from our International professors

Konstantin Semilakovs
Piano Professor, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, Austria

Barbara Bonney


  • QWe are still in the examination stage, and we haven't decided on a specific overseas music college or entrance exam ...

  • AEveryone starts with a vague idea, "I want to prepare for the entrance exam for Kunitachi College of Music overseas, but I don't know what to start with."First of all, you can consult with a counselor and decide what you are aiming for and which course you will take.Let's take your daily life step by step toward your dreams.

  • QI'm embarrassed because I'm almost a beginner in music theory and language ...

  • APlease be assured that there are many beginners!Although it depends on the course, as a general rule, it will be a private lesson, so we will give lessons according to each person's level.Especially about foreign languages, there are many voices saying "I understand that I don't understand the language! I have to do my best!", Which is a great motivation for studying.Japanese teachers who can teach in a foreign language are also available if you wish.

  • QSince I live in a rural area, it is difficult to attend frequently when preparing for the entrance exam for the music college.

  • ADuring summer vacation and spring vacation, we have prepared "summer training" and "spring training" to concentrate on the overseas music college entrance examination preparation course in one week, so please use it.In addition, all courses, including preparations for the Tokyo College of Music entrance exam, can be taken online.Many are taking classes online!For those who come to Tokyo from time to time, a combination of face-to-face lessons and online lessons (hybrid) is also possible.

  • QI have no plans to take the music college entrance exam or participate in the class, but can I take lessons?

  • AAnyone can take this course regardless of age or level.By studying music, you will also improve your language skills, and you will feel like studying abroad at a music college while you are in Japan.I think that executives can acquire music knowledge as a culture, and adults can really enjoy the music itself and the recital.Western teachers will give lessons while enjoying music, so please feel free to join us.You won't get angry with your teacher!

  • QI don't know the course or teacher that suits my level ...

  • AWe are also an agent specializing in studying abroad in music, which is one of the strengths of this school.In addition to lessons, school students can receive free counseling on various worries.If you are interested, please feel free to contact us, solve your doubts, and work together toward the future you desire.


And Vision is a professional agent specializing in studying abroad in music.
Over the past 15 years, we have learned important things while supporting more than 4000 customers studying abroad in music.

For long-term study abroad, preparations for taking exams such as subjects, languages, and connections with teachers, which are essential for overseas entrance exams for music colleges.
In short-term study abroad, preparations for studying abroad efficiently and how to interact with foreigners for a safe stay.
In the course with auditions, the same audition preparation measures as the music college entrance exam.

If we can properly prepare this important thing in advance based on multiple information,
I have come to think that it will be more satisfying for customers who are trying to study abroad for music.

That's where the And Vision International Music School (AIMS) was born.

All AIMS instructors are musicians from Europe and the United States,
You can learn authentic music in a foreign language.

For online lessons, you can also prepare for the entrance exam directly from an overseas professors.

Not only preparations for studying abroad in music, but also music skills, language skills, practical skills, and communication skills that can be utilized for the rest of your life.
I hope you can learn it at AIMS while you are in Japan.

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