Since its founding in 2005, And Vision Inc. has supported more than 4,000 music study abroad as a professional agent for music study abroad.In addition, we are in charge of multiple Japanese secretariats of overseas music universities and conservatory, and we directly cooperate with more than 700 overseas music university professors to support customers' success in studying abroad in music.


While supporting music study abroad, if you prepare for the entrance exam for long-term study abroad accompanied by the music college entrance exam, as well as attending overseas music classes and private lessons, etc., while you are in Japan before short-term study abroad , I came to think that I could reach the customer's wishes and goals more.


The embodiment of that is And Vision International Music School (AIMS) .


At AIMS, the three major elements that are essential for entrance exams and exam preparation for overseas music colleges"Major skill" "Music theory" "Language"We have a curriculum that covers all of the above.


"Major practice"Is, of course, a practical skill.Together with overseas musicians living in Japan and professors at music universities living overseas, we will refine the music toward the purpose, such as creating a curriculum for each customer and selecting songs.


"Music theory"Is a rule that supports practical skills.The way of thinking is slightly different for each country, and you will learn the way of thinking of the country you are traveling to and use it in your performances.


"Language"Is the basis of communication.It is really important to give your opinion overseas.By focusing on the music you are interested in, you will improve your language skills and communication skills.


Whether face-to-face or online, all music lesson teachers are professional musicians from Europe and the United States, language lessons are of course native speakers, and all lessons are conducted in foreign languages."Major skill" "Music theory" "Language"Please experience for yourself how different it is from Japan, such as foreigners' culture, characters, your own opinions, and surprised clothes at the time of lessons.


If you spend a lot of money and time studying abroad, let's start preparing for music study abroad in Tokyo so that it will be a better study abroad for your life!


* Of course, overseas-style music lessons are also available for those who do not plan to study abroad or for brushing up after studying abroad.

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