Actually, I'm worried that I haven't done online lessons yet ... I'll show you how to take online lessons!




Hello everyone!I'm Hirata from And Vision.

It's hot every day in Tokyo ~ September is approaching, so I hope the temperature will drop soon ...


By the way, today I would like to introduce how to take online lessons!

After all, the most inquiries about online lessons are here.

I hope you can alleviate your anxiety (^^)




~ Piano online lesson method ~



・ Applications used

It will be a lesson using Zoom.



・ How to attend

Most of the online lessons at And Vision take the method of showing the performance to the teacher online after the lesson starts.

Some teachers are required to submit a recording in advance.



・ Where to attend

In addition to taking classes at the music hall attached to the And Vision office, those who live far away can also take classes at home.

The music hall is fully equipped with equipment such as microphones, speakers, cameras, and large screens that are difficult for individuals to arrange!

If you are from home, the Zoom staff will also support the Zoom sound settings.




In the online lessons at And Vision, we hold lessons for professors from overseas music colleges.

Of course, the teacher speaks the local language!Even those who are worried about their language skills are okay.

And Vision can also arrange an interpreter, so you can take online lessons with confidence.



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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact And Vision ♪


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~ Online lesson ~




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