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Who do you recommend for online lessons this time?I would like to talk about that.



Online lessons are recommended for people like this


・ Music college students, high school students, music college graduates, etc. who are aiming to become professional musicians

・ People who are interested in studying abroad in music

・ People preparing for exams such as auditions and competitions

・ People who want to take lessons from various overseas teachers

・ People who want to improve their musical instrument playing skills





Those who are aiming to study abroad in music, those who are not studying abroad but aiming to be professionals, those who are active as amateurs but aiming to further improve, really various people can take lessons! !! !!



Now, online lessons are being held in various classrooms.Then, what is the difference from other classrooms ...?When I say ...




This is different!And Vision online lessons


Achievements and experience unique to a company specializing in music study abroad
We have the latest information on more than 30 music schools in 2500 countries around the world. Based on more than 15 years of experience and more than 4000 music study abroad achievements, only And Vision can coordinate online lessons with a view to passing overseas music college exams!
A longing for overseas music university professors and musicians
And Vision not only works directly with over 700 teachers, but also allows you to reach out to over 5,000 teachers.And Vision is the only place where you can choose that famous overseas teacher you saw and heard on concerts, TV and CDs!
You can find a teacher that suits you in Japan
Take lessons from various teachers once or twice to check compatibility.If you want to study abroad in music, you can find a teacher who is compatible with you even before you go to the site.And Vision is the only place where you can find your favorite teacher from many teachers before you travel!
Tailor-made lessons according to the purpose
It is a custom-made lesson that creates the content and number of times according to the purpose such as preparation for competitions and exams, finishing before concerts, level up, hobbies, etc.Only And Vision has a counselor who can customize lessons!
Even if you are worried about your language, you can rest assured that you will be able to use a music interpreter.
I want to take lessons from overseas teachers, but I'm worried about "foreign languages".And Vision can also arrange a music interpreter for those who wish.And Vision is the only company that can arrange music interpreters from different languages ​​around the world!
And Vision Music Studio is also available
If you don't have a good communication environment at home, or if you want to take lessons in an environment with good audio equipment, you can also use the And Vision Music Studio in Tokyo.There is also commercial video equipment, and the staff only supports And Vision!
Lessons like an international student while in Japan
Just like an international student, you can take lessons from overseas teachers as often as you like, such as "once a week" or "once every two weeks".Communication with the teacher will be closer, and the speed of improvement will be greatly improved!Only And Vision can study abroad in Japan!
A much more reasonable price than studying abroad
Although not comparable to the experience gained from studying abroad, the advantage of online lessons is that you can significantly reduce your travel and stay costs.Whether face-to-face or online, there is no difference in being taught by an overseas professor!And Vision is the only one that is more reasonable than studying abroad in music!
We have already passed the prestigious overseas music colleges!
Customers who have taken all online lessons from the search for a teacher have successfully passed the Hannover University of Music in Germany! The pass rate for 2021 is 100%.And Vision is the only leader in the new era of exam preparation style!






There are two types of online lesson courses, so please choose the one that suits you ♪


Overseas Music University / Conservatory Exam Preparation Course
A course that prepares for the exam with the teacher, from selection of important songs to practice and finishing.You can take online lessons regularly for several months to a year, so you can know the pass / fail points at the time of the exam and you will be closer to passing.We will coordinate the number and frequency of lessons according to the customer.Depending on the school of your choice, you may also be able to take lessons from an active professor at that school.Those who have taken this online lesson have passed the prestigious schools one after another!
General course
It is possible to coordinate according to the customer's purpose and goals, such as preparing for the competition, preparing for the orchestra audition, finishing before the concert, improving daily skills and brushing up, and as a hobby lesson. Since it is a one-on-one lesson, the teachers will accompany you according to each person's level and needs.There are some harsh comments because it's serious, but it's very popular because it makes your music look great!







Then, what kind of people do you recommend online lessons this time?I talked about.


Please look forward to the next update ~ ♪




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