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Since this is the first time, I would like to introduce the first lesson of Barbara Bonney, a world-famous opera singer and professor at the Mozartium University of Music (Austria)!





Barbara Bonney


A world-famous soprano singer born in the United States.He studied piano and cello from an early age, and while studying German and music at the University of Salzburg, Austria, he switched from cello to vocal music, and then concentrated on vocal music at the Mozartium University of Music. In 1979, he made his debut as Anna in "The Merry Wives of Windsor" at the Darmstadt State Opera, and has been active in major European theaters such as the Royal Opera House in London and La Scala in Milan. In 1987, he played the role of Richard Strauss's "Ariadne auf Naxos" Niade at the New York Metropolitan Opera (MET) and the role of "Der Rosenkavalier" Sophie at the Vienna State Opera, and was in the limelight.Since then, his success has been remarkable, and he has fascinated the audience in major opera houses around the world.Barbara Bonney has recorded more than 100 recordings from labels such as Decca, DGG, and EMI as an opera lyric soprano singer, but since 1999, she has been extremely active in music, focusing on songs.Boasting a wide repertoire from Baroque to the 20th century, she is now a world-renowned lyric soprano singer of today's highest ranks. In addition, many master classes are also focusing on training younger generations.Her lesson, in which the students' singing voices magically change, was also broadcast on the NHK Super Opera lesson as a global vocal coach.



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One of the most frequently asked questions from first-time inquiries is, "Is it okay for me to take the lesson of world-famous opera singer Bonnie?"Mr. Bonnie, when it comes to lessons at And Vision, there are no restrictions, saying, "If you are enthusiastic, you can take classes at any level." !! !!


He is an overwhelmingly popular teacher at summer seminars (classes) held in Austria and other places, so it is said that the pre-audit for participation will be closed soon.You can take such a teacher's lesson whenever you like ...!It's an online lesson, so you can do it.



What kind of lesson will Mr. Bonnie take?

I will show you a little about the actual lesson!




As with the lessons for music, he is a teacher who values ​​the basics and vocalization above all else.As you mentioned in the video at the beginning, you are instructing "natural singing" as your own method.He is enthusiastically instructing how to sing to bring out the goodness of the person and how to apply vibrato.


Among the teachers of And Vision's online private lessons, Mr. Bonnie has a large number of students.Everyone is steadily improving in search of a wonderful teaching method that is backed up by their own career!



Bonnie is with and visionMasterclasses by Int'l ProfessorsAlsoPrivate lessonI have you go to both of them, but what I think of the staff, Hirata, isDepth of lesson contentBut when you compare them, they are completely different ...!I received the impression that.When it comes to private lessons, you will meet with your teacher on a regular basis, such as once a week or once a month.As a matter of course, if you take a one-time lesson of the public lesson and see it regularly, the relationship with the teacher will naturally be born, so please communicate with the teacher yourself. increase.For students who are thinking of taking an examination at an overseas music college, I have a consultation and a concert next time. How should I deal with the tension?We are also sincerely dealing with various inquiries from students.After all, this is the real thrill of private lessons!


I want to take the Bonnie teacher class at Mozartium College of Music ...!This is a perfect online private lesson for those who have no plans to study abroad but are aiming to further improve their skills.Why don't you start a lesson with Mr. Bonnie?



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