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It's 2021 after the new year, but the momentum of Corona hasn't stopped yet ...

Even though the immigration restrictions of each country that once showed signs were lifted, the number of infected people increased and they returned to the days of lockdown.


It's still difficult to travel abroad like this these days ...

However, the rapid development of online lessons is remarkable!

And Vision connects overseas and Japan and holds lessons for professors at famous music colleges.

In fact, the lineup of professors is super luxurious ...!


Today I will explain in detail about such online lessons!


【table of contents】

  1. Equipment for online lessons
  2. Language barrier
  3. Online lesson faculty
  4. The difference between online public lessons and private lessons
  5. Preparing to study abroad in music with online lessons?
  6. Summary

1. XNUMX.Equipment for online lessons

The most important point in online lessons!

If the equipment environment is not sufficient, you will not be able to take a satisfactory lesson.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the online lesson equipment prepared by And Vision ♪


・ Internet environment (optical line)

It won't start without this!It's super important!

If you want more stability, not WI-FIWe strongly recommend that you use a wired connection.

The difficult point is that no matter how much you prepare the Internet environment, it will not be established if the communication of the other party is bad.

Of course, And Vision uses wired optical communication ♪


・ Microphone / speaker

Although it is unique to music lessons, the pursuit of sound quality is also an important point.

For example, when making a CD, even if you can play a lot, what you record with an inexpensive voice recorder will not convey what you can convey.

Also, if the microphone level is set to the volume of the instrument, the microphone will not pick up the voice when talking.

And Vision has at least two microphones.



It is a device that balances the sounds that are "input" from many devices in online lessons.

You can also adjust the volume level of each microphone.

Howling has happened!Even in that case, adjusting with a mixer is the solution.

For example, when doing piano accompaniment lessons, I want to raise the volume of the piano a little more and lower the volume of the violin ...

You can adjust it with this at any time!



Just as important as sound is video!

Generally, it is not often imagined, but in music lessons, the teacher judges how he plays by sound and video from a technical point of view.

And Vision has multiple cameras for the face and hands of the day, so both teachers and students can have more fulfilling lessons.

A tripod is also available for each camera, so you can adjust the height and so on.



It is said that the technology is stolen by looking at it, but I also want to check the technical guidance of the teacher in detail.

At home, the size of a PC desktop or TV screen is the limit, but in And Vision's music hall, we use a projector and in the classroom we have a 43-inch screen.



What does the app use?


And Vision is a lesson using ZOOM.


We tested various apps to start online lessons last April.


Skype, Facetime, Google Meet, Messenger, NETDUETTO, etc ...

For a while, I used to combine ZOOM with a special sound app to improve the sound quality, but with the update of ZOOM, the music mode function was added, so I'm calm down here now.

(It was really hard to settle down here ... crying) 


In addition, AndVision enables online lessons that are difficult to achieve at home, such as adjusting the level of each microphone using a mixer.






 The location of the lesson is also important for online lessons.

I can't put equipment in a room that's too small, and I feel uncomfortable playing in a room that doesn't sound at all.

(Especially wind instruments! A room that doesn't resonate usually uses twice as much physical strength ~ (-"-))


And Vision's music halls and classrooms are large enough and equipped with the equipment introduced above.







2.Language barrier

Online lessons at And Vision hold lessons from teachers from all over the world, including Europe and the United States.

The problem is the language barrier.


In Europe alone, there are many languages ​​such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Czech.



If you are worried about your language, attach an interpreter to take the course!

I can't speak the language, so let's give up the lesson ... but it's a waste!

And Vision also arranges interpreters for each language, so don't miss this chance!




3. XNUMX.Online lesson faculty

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, National Conservatory of Music in Paris, Berlin University of the Arts, Tchaikovsky Memorial National Moscow Conservatory ,,

If you are learning music, I think that all the school names have been heard once.


Leading musicians gather at leading music colleges.

And Vision holds lessons for such faculty members.





University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna Ecole Normal Conservatory (Paris) Cologne University of Music (Germany) 



Barbara Bonney / Mozartium College of Music  Hanns Eisler College of Music(Germany).  Professor at Leipzig University of Music(Germany).


Many teachers who have not been able to open a master class in Japan due to their busy schedule are also participating.

It's a very luxurious lineup of professors, and I'm not sure if it's fortunate or unfortunate that if Corona calms down, we can plan lessons for professors at this level.

Take this opportunity and take lessons from musicians who are active in the world!




 Four.The difference between online public lessons and private lessons

And Vision online lessonsMasterclasses by Int'l ProfessorsPrivate regular lessonsIt is divided into.



Masterclasses by Int'l Professors

This is a master class lesson with a predetermined date and time.

Since it is "open to the public," some people are attending.An interpreter is also available in advance.

Since it is a lesson with a fixed frame, it has a strong impression that it is a one-time lesson, but it is perfect for those who want to experience the lessons of various teachers.

In addition, the And Vision School admission fee required for taking private regular lessons is not required, so you can feel free to take it!


\ Click here for a list of upcoming online public lessons! /



Private regular lessons

It is a completely private lesson that decides the lesson according to the convenience of the teacher and the students.

The frequency varies, such as once every two weeks or once a month.Of course, if you are worried about your language, we can arrange an interpreter.

There is an and vision school admission fee (valid for one year) to attend, but as a benefit, all public lessons are free of charge.

Online lessons for various teachersImprove Your Social LifeYou can receive it at.


Since one-on-one lessons are held on a regular basis, of course, the intimacy with the teacher will increase.

The teacher also teaches from home, so a cat appears behind the screen ... (laughs)

It's also interesting to get a glimpse of what you normally do.


And after all, taking regular lessons is a teacher ’sstudentBecause it becomes

The teacher really thinks about the students in a friendly way.

From daily worries about how to play, to future career paths, etc., you can't talk about such things in a one-time lesson.

Online will solve the problem that "distance" was separated in the past!



Five.Preparing to study abroad in music with online lessons?


"Online lessons" and "studying abroad in music" have the impression that they don't mix easily.

After all, music is live, so I would like to have lessons and concerts live.


However, with the advancement of technology, we are now in a convenient era where we can connect to the world with the touch of a button.

Studying abroad in music from Japan had the problem of "distance", but now I can go anywhere online.



Preparing to study abroad for music at Corona

And the era of the new coronavirus that came.

Before Corona, And Vision was trying to plan an online lesson as a new way to study abroad, but no teacher in the classical music world shook his head.


However, various parts of Europe and the United States where restrictions were stricter than in Japan.

It is difficult for teachers to get out of their homes, let alone commute to school.

Online lessons have begun for the students who are instructed, and your image of online lessons has changed.



So how do you specifically prepare for study abroad online?

 The most important thing is regular private lessons with the teacher.

Remember the music college exam in Japan.

Did you take a lesson with a professor at your university of choice when you were in high school?


The flow is exactly the same when studying abroad for music!

Rather, overseas teachers place more importance on communication.

When the exam preparation period begins, the teacher is also the examiner of the school that actually takes the exam, so there are also scenes where he will tell you the points for the exam.


Until now"distance"I couldn't take regular lessons from overseas teachers because of the problem.

OnlineWill solve the problem at once.


Even if it becomes possible to travel, it may be even better to travel for about two weeks for the teacher's live lessons and combine the usual lessons with online.



6. Summary

It will be summarized like this.

・ Prepare enough equipment for online lessons!

・ If you are uncertain about the language, take a lesson with an interpreter.

・ And Vision's gorgeous faculty

・ Meet the teacher in public lessons and improve your level with regular private lessons!

・ Combining online and live concerts, prepare for a more fulfilling music study abroad program ♪



Online lessons have a lot of potential!

It's very convenient, so I'm sure it will continue even after the corona is over (^^ ♪)


If you have any concerns about online lessons, please feel free to contact us at any time.

TEL: 0355774500


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