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Following the online public lessons and piano, we will introduce the schedule of stringed instruments.


Stringed instruments such as the violin have a wide range, and the volume varies from person to person.

I'm paying attention to the settings in the online lessons.

Also, in addition to hand, we set multiple cameras for lessons so that you can see how to use your body.


Well, for such an online lesson, we have made it possible to download the stringed instrument lesson schedule below ♪



I hope everyone can see it here!


For the time being, the table is also posted below.

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As of 2021.5.20


MajorDateDay of the weekLecturer (honorific title omitted)Lecturer affiliationCountry
Violin 6 April Tue 15–19 Stephen Picard Professor at Hanns Eisler University of Music Germany
6 April
6 April
15–19 Tomasz Tomaszewski Professor, Berlin University of the Arts Germany
6 April Wed 16–19 Lakwell Castro Professor, Conservatory of Music, Catalonia Spain
8 April Sat 16–19 Dana Vrahova Professor of Prague Conservatory Czech Republic
8 April Tue 17–20 Henna Zenmler Professor, Private University of Music and Arts, Vienna Austria
9 April Month 16–19 Francis Duroy Professor of Lyon Conservatory of Music
     & Former Concertmaster of the French National Lyon Orchestra
9/7-8 Tue-Wed 15–18 Annette von Dross Professor, Cologne University of Music Germany
9 April Month 15–19 Simone Zuglaggen Professor, Freiburg University of Music
     & Swiss Basel Sinfonietta Concertmaster
9 April Tue 16–19 Lavard Skou-Larsen Voice Professor, UNIVERSITÄT MOZARTEUM SALZBURG, Austria Austria
Viola 6 April Tue 16–19 Yuval Gotribovic Svizzera Italiana Conservatory
     Professor, Conservatory of Music, Catalonia
Cello 5/26-28 Wed-Fri 16–19 Peter Bruns Professor at Leipzig University of Music Germany
6 April Sat 16–19 Kenji Nakaki * Face-to-face lessons Associate Professor, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts Japan
7 month 12-13 days Mon-Tue 16–19 Niklas Eppinger Professor at Würzburg University of Music Germany
9/9-10 Thu-Fri 16–19 Hans Christian Ørstiker Professor, Cologne University of Music Germany
9 April Fri 16–19 Wolf Tissue Billek Professor, Lübeck Academy of Music Germany
Double bass 8 April Sat 16–19 Detmar Kurig Cologne College of Music &
     Trossingen University of Music


We would appreciate it if you could consider everything from the latest ones to the ones a little further ahead.


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