Studying abroad in Japan First step

"Overseas College of Music Entrance Examination Preparation Course"Once, Trial LessonWould you like to experience it at?

――I want to prepare for the entrance examination of Tokyo College of Music
-I want to find a teacher to study abroad
――I want to learn music as a hobby and culture from a real musician
――I want to be able to speak music in a foreign language
――Somehow it looks interesting ...

There are various reasons for customers to take lessons.For various reasonsAuthentic musicianEveryone has the same desire to learn music from and improve.


"Overseas College of Music Entrance Examination Preparation Course"Is for such people, focusing on classical and jazz, which are authentic Western music. From a western musician, Directly Technology and senseIt is a lesson where you can learn.There are various levels, from professionals and amateurs, to those who are aiming to study music for a long period of time, those who participate in overseas classes in a short period of time, those who are not thinking about studying abroad but want to absorb authentic music in Japan, etc. ..Even if you are just starting a foreign language, you will be more motivated to learn a foreign language for your favorite music, such as "I wanted to study a foreign language properly in order to improve my music!" It is a lesson that is both profitable to learn.

"Overseas College of Music Entrance Examination Preparation Course"Is composed of 3 essential subjects for learning music.

--Major practice
--Music theory

It is possible to take all courses or only one course according to the customer's wishes and uses.Please select according to your wishes.

Piano, violin, vocal music, etc. Major Practical skillIs interesting and rewarding, and I don't think it needs much explanation.However, Music theoryIs often seen separately from the performance.When I talk to European teachers, I often say that "technology," "musical sensation," and "music theory" can only be performed as a set, and that they cannot be separated.The basics of music theory are the same in every country, but if the language is different in each country, the way of thinking is slightly different.Even if you are learning music theory in Japan, it is a fact that understanding music theory in a foreign country can be difficult due to the difference.Before studying abroad, it is necessary to understand the music theory that is indispensable for performance required by the composer in a foreign language, and then to be able to discuss with foreigners based on the music theory as well as playing by yourself. , The purpose of the music theory lesson (preparation for study abroad).

In addition, But like your favorite music, it takes a lot of time to learn and use it.However, it is also a fact that I can't get into it because I don't have the opportunity to feel the need for a foreign language in Japan.Just as you are studying abroad, by forcibly creating a situation in Japan where you need a foreign language, you will inevitably want to study a language.


Please experience the world where you can only speak a foreign language.

You will want to learn more foreign languages!


After leaving a complete beginner, it's easier to get interested in things with a fixed theme, such as music, and improve faster than in so-called general conversation (Chat).Therefore, I hope that you will increase your motivation for language learning so that you can study abroad with your favorite music in the future!


Please take this opportunity first Trial LessonSo check it out!We look forward to welcoming you.

* You can take lessons online as well as face-to-face lessons.

Schedule We will assemble the lesson according to your schedule.Please let us know your preferred date and time and the courses you want to take.
* In principle, lesson time will be in the range of 10:00 to 19:00.
Attendance place [Face-to-face] And Vision International Music School
[Online] Home, etc.
* Up to school Click here for transportation access
lecturer Japanese musician from Europe and America
* In some cases, we may be a Japanese instructor who can teach in a foreign language in order to improve the understanding of our customers, but we will contact you in advance.
Courses to be held Major Practical skills / Music theory / Language
[Genre] Classical, jazz, rock, popular, etc.
[Musical instruments] All musical instruments, vocal music, vocals, composition, conducting
[Language] Select one country from English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
Lesson content and number of times [Major skill] 60 minutes, 1 time in total (private)
[Music theory] 60 minutes, 1 time in total (private)
[Language] 60 minutes, 1 time in total (private)


* We recommend that you take all the courses to learn music and language in a foreign language.For all subjects, it may take multiple days.

* It is also possible to combine multiple languages ​​and multiple majors.

Level Not only those who are aiming to prepare for the overseas music college entrance exam, but also professionals, amateurs, and beginners can take this course.
Prices Price list for more information.


* No admission fee is required for trial lessons / one-time complete lessons.However, it is limited to one time (multiple classes cannot be taken).

* Online lessons (private lessons) by professors at overseas music colleges are provided to school members, and there are no trial lessons / one-time complete lessons.Please use the open lessons that are open to the public or join the school membership.

Application deadline We are always accepting.
Contact phone: 03-5577-4500
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