This is a program that you should definitely study for preparing for the entrance exam for music college, including the exam for overseas music colleges and conservatory, preparing for studying abroad for music such as overseas music classes and private lessons, and for living locally.

"Major skill" "Music theory" "Language"It consists of three subjects, and it is possible to take all subjects or only one subject.All subjects are private lessons, so it is possible to organize the curriculum according to the time, purpose and level of each customer.In addition, group lessons may be held with a minimum of 3 people.If you would like a group lesson, please contact the staff.In addition to language lessons, lessons will be in a foreign language, so it is expected that your language skills will improve.It is not possible to have an interpreter for the lesson.

* Face-to-face / online classes are possible.

Course overview

Schedule We will assemble the lesson according to your schedule.Please let us know your preferred date and time and the courses you want to take.
* In principle, lesson time will be in the range of 10:00 to 19:00.
Attendance place [Face-to-face] And Vision International Music School
[Online] Home, etc.
* Up to schoolClick here for transportation access
lecturer Japanese musician from Europe and America
* In order to improve the understanding of our customers, we may be a Japanese teacher who can teach in foreign languages, but we will contact you in advance.
Courses to be held Major Practical skills / Music theory / Language
[Genre] Classical, jazz, rock, popular, etc.
[Musical instruments] All musical instruments, vocal music, vocals, composition, conducting
[Language] Select one country from English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.
Lesson content and number of times [Major Practical Skills / Permanent Lecturer] 60 minutes, 7 times ~ (private)
[Major Practical Skills / Special Lecturer] 60 minutes, 1 time ~ (private)
[Music theory] 60 minutes, 7 times ~ (private)
[Language] 60 minutes, 14 times ~ (private)


* Lesson intervals vary depending on the customer's purpose, schedule, etc., such as once a week or once a month.

* We recommend that you take all the courses to learn music and language in a foreign language.

* It is also possible to combine multiple languages ​​and multiple majors.

* Group lessons are offered when there are 3 or more people at the same level.
Level Not only those who are aiming to prepare for the overseas music college entrance exam, but also professionals, amateurs, and beginners can take this course.
Price (tax included) Price list for more information.
Application deadline We are always accepting.
Contact phone:03-5577-4500

Major Practical Class

1. Private lesson

Take one-on-one hands-on lessons face-to-face or online.Depending on the major such as harp and percussion instrument (including drums), you may not be able to take the course at AIMS (it will be taken outside).In private lessons, the instructor and the customer will create their own curriculum according to the purpose of the customer.

2. Group lessons

It is a lesson to exchange opinions with each other by playing in a group regardless of the major of musical instruments.It's a lesson that isn't very common in Japan, but at overseas schools it's very important to listen to and evaluate the performances of your peers, and to have your performance evaluated and exchange opinions.It is an indispensable lesson as a place to play before taking the exam.This course is offered when there are 3 or more people with the same language and language level.

Curriculum example

How to play based on sonata form
How to play based on the historical background
How to play based on the Baroque era
How to play based on the classical period
How to play based on Romanticism
Performance that makes the best use of analyze XNUMX
Performance that makes the best use of analyze XNUMX
Modern jazz (Bebop)
Free Jazz
Session (Jam Session)

Music theory lesson

Whether or not you have a music theory exam in your entrance exam depends on your school and course.There are many things that are essential in the bachelor's program, and there are many that are not in the master's program, but many overseas teachers seek deep knowledge of music theory and playing methods based on music theory.Why play like this?Is often asked by the teacher, and if you do not answer, the lesson may not proceed.Of course, for taking the exam, let's deepen your knowledge so that you will not be in trouble even in short-term classes and daily lessons.


  • If you have not decided on your destination, please consult with your counselor about which language to choose.
  • The content is the same for private lessons and group lessons.
  • Group lessons are offered when there are 3 or more people who are the same at the language / music theory level.
Beginner Basics Scale Tonality Transposition Pitch Summary Tests
Pre-intermediate Chord Chord cadence Hold sound, etc. Decoration Summary Tests
Intermediate Music History 形式 形式 Harmony Harmony Summary Tests
upper intermediate XNUMX tones XNUMX tones Binary form Ternary form modulation Summary Tests
Advanced Counterpoint Counterpoint Analize Analize Analize Summary Tests

Language lessons

We will study the language that is essential for studying abroad at a music university or attending a class.When taking an examination, the language requirements vary depending on the school, major, and course you want to go to.Not only do you meet the language requirements for admission, but you will need more language once you enter school.After traveling, this is a great opportunity, so please communicate with many foreigners.To that end, it takes as much effort as music.


  • If you have not decided on your destination, please consult with your counselor about which language to choose.
  • The content is the same for private lessons and group lessons.
  • Group lessons are offered when there are 3 or more people with the same language level.
Beginner ~ XNUMX ~ XNUMX AXNUMX Learn the basics of grammar
Pre-intermediate ~ XNUMX ~ XNUMX AXNUMX I understand grammar but lack vocabulary
Intermediate ~ XNUMX ~ XNUMX BXNUMX Can have daily conversation (patterns are limited)
upper intermediate ~ XNUMX ~ XNUMX BXNUMX Communication can be achieved even if some mistakes are made.
Advanced ~ XNUMX ~ XNUMX CXNUMX No problem except for technical terms
Special grade XNUMX ~ XNUMX ~ CXNUMX Native
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