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Online lessons by teachers living in Europe and the United States, such as professors at overseas music colleges / conservatory and major European orchestra players.Those who have taken public lessons should be able to experience the depth of the lessons compared to the public lessons of one-off events.

  • Take various teachers once or twice to check the teacher's face, atmosphere, teaching method and compatibility.If you find a teacher who is compatible with you, it is desirable to move to the teacher's class (subordinate).Even if you become a subordinate, you can take lessons from other teachers.
  • Please tell us your preference for online lessons, such as twice a month, once every two months, or once a week.
  • The studio dedicated to And Vision is fully equipped with internet access (LAN), microphone, amplifier, speaker, mixer, video screen / monitor, and software, and the staff will support you.
  • Online lessons at home, such as distant places and infection prevention, are also welcome.

● Online lessons for preparing for entrance exams at overseas music colleges / conservatory

While in Japan, we will prepare for the exam with the teacher of the overseas music university / conservatory that you want.In the exam preparation lesson, the songs will be selected and the songs will be completed before the exam.Depending on the number of lessons, it generally takes at least 3 months, usually 6 months or more to finish.In addition, it is desirable to take the lesson directly with the live sound of the final check.
  • The songs to be taken by overseas music colleges / institutes are not individually specified, but are often roughly specified for each era, so it is very important to select the songs with the professor.For example, "For this song, even a bachelor's degree (bachelor) will play it, so why not change it to ~ if you are taking a master's degree exam?"
  • As in Japan, the professors belonging to each music university / music institute are familiar with the examinations at overseas music universities / music institutes.
  • Since the teacher gives lessons to the students for the purpose of "How to pass?", The pass rate usually increases.For example, "I don't think the examiner knows classical music this way, so let's fix it."
  • As a general rule, the number of lessons should be decided in consultation with the professor based on the "period from the current time to the examination" and "the customer's current level and the passing level required at the time of the examination". The longer the period, such as one year or more, the more time you can take the exam.
  • It is possible to check the playing style on a CD or Youtube, but by taking the lesson, you can understand not only the musical compatibility and personality compatibility with the teacher, but also the lesson style, "I want to be with this teacher, It will be an opportunity to decide "I want to learn".
  • As a matter of fact, the passing record is outstanding (astonishing to our staff).Please contact the And Vision Counselor for more information!

  • * Some private schools, such as those affiliated with And Vision, can take the lessons of the subordinate course for admission to the affiliated school (not public or national).Please contact And Vision for more information.

● Regular music online lessons

Take lessons according to your goals and goals, such as preparing for the competition, preparing for the orchestra audition, preparing for the concert, improving your daily level, brushing up, and hobbies. Being a class student (a student), the teacher will be friendly and willing to work hard to achieve the goal. Please aim for the goal with your teacher. When the teacher comes to Japan, he is a student, so he should be the first to consult.

Online lesson (music)Please read it for a brief summary!

Japan is still only in some music colleges, but overseas, as a matter of course, there is an accompaniment department, and excellent accompaniment players are being sent out to the world.Accompaniment, which requires skills different from solo performance and advanced musical knowledge, is a world deeper than you can imagine.

Evgeny Sinaisky / Professor, Volkwang University of the Arts, Germany & Private Music and Arts University, Vienna, Austria / Piano accompaniment, duet, chamber music online lessons

A very straightforward lesson that starts with telling you what to fix first!

As a piano accompaniment and chamber musician, a professor at Folkwang University of the Arts & Vienna Private Music Arts University, which is attractive for "matching" lessons that are active in the world.

Moscow Conservatory Online Lessons

The world's prestigious Moscow Conservatory opens its doors with online lessons!

Online lessons offered by professors and associate professors of the National Moscow Conservatory covering all subjects of classical music.Experience the Moscow method of raising super players.

Patrick Zigmanovsky / Professor of the French Ecole Normal Conservatory & Aix-en-Provence Conservatory / Piano Online Lessons

A professor at the Ecole Normal Conservatory, who balances delicacy and strength.

Patrick, who inherited the sophisticated French flair and learned the German playing philosophy, is a teacher with a unique style.

Billy Eidy/Professor at the Conservatoire de Schola Cantorme, France/Former professor at the Conservatoire de Paris/Piano Online Lessons

Online Piano Lessons by Professor Billy Eidi

The real French style taught by Billy Adie, a French pianist known for his skill in modern and contemporary France.

Dunya Roboty / Professor, Nuremberg University of Music, Germany / Piano accompaniment online lesson (stringed instrument)

A real stringed piano accompaniment lesson that is deep because it is a stringed instrument accompaniment specialist

A chance to learn the essence of a musician from the world's best piano accompaniment, who is also active as an audition instrumental accompaniment for prestigious orchestras.

Anne-Leeds Gasterdi / Professor of the National Conservatory of Music in Paris, France & the Conservatory of Paris, Piano Online Lessons

Learn from a popular professor at the prestigious National Academy of Music in Paris, who has a good reputation for children's education.

As an artistic pianist with a wealth of experience collaborating with leading musicians and collaborating with other arts, you will continue to develop your hidden talents.

Christoph Traxler / Assistant Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Piano Online Lessons

Great chance to learn from the hottest pianist in Vienna

Philharmonix, a super ensemble by members of the Vienna Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic, and the most promising pianist Christoph Traxler.Take over the exciting music and performances and make it your own!

David Hazeltine / Visiting Lecturer, Purches College Conservatory, New York State University, USA & Former Associate Professor, Berkeley College of Music / Jazz Piano Online Lessons

That Hazeltine, who represents modern New York, teaches.

Also familiar with CDs.A jazz pianist who brought a new twist to the New York jazz scene with a crisp piano and taught at Berklee College of Music.

Alexander Schmalz / Head Professor, Leipzig University of Music, Piano Department / Online Song Accompaniment Lessons

It's a song accompaniment specialist's lesson.

The song accompaniment method nominated by the singers of the highest rank in modern times.The music that he builds with the singer while giving consideration to the singer is highly acclaimed by the media.Learn from the Leipzig University of Music professor, who specializes in song accompaniment, which is rare in the world, and learn the technique, musicality, and secrets!

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