Public lessons on stringed instruments

Ideal for studying abroad in music or preparing for competitions.
Let's use it to find overseas teachers!

Open lessons / master classes for overseas music university professors and overseas orchestra players.When the teacher comes to Japan and holds the event face-to-face, it may be held online by connecting overseas and Japan.You can participate as a student or an auditor as an event for each event.Depending on the course, generally anyone, regardless of level or age, can participate as a student.With a Japanese interpreter, it is safe for those who are worried about words.
* Online holding is a great opportunity to take lessons for teachers who do not come to Japan.
* There are also open lessons for Japanese music university professors / former professors.
* Online lessons at home, such as distant places and infection prevention, are also welcome.

● Those who are planning to study music in the future

Great for finding a teacher.Take lessons from various teachers in advance, including face-to-face and online, to check compatibility with the teacher.There are really various ways of thinking depending on the teacher, such as gentle, strict, powerful, personality compatibility such as always smiling, solid from the basics, no basics, only musical things.Please check the compatibility with your teacher in advance.If the teacher is decided as soon as possible, preparations such as selecting a song that suits the exam are perfect.The sooner you pass the exam, the closer you will be!
* Some of the open lessons can be used as they are for the exam due to the partnership between And Vision and the overseas music college / conservatory or professor.If you would like to go on to higher education, please take this opportunity as the course title says "Recruiting / Can be used for local school exams" and the text says so!

● Preparing for concerts and competitions, leveling up, etc.

Please feel free to use the playing methods that are accepted overseas and the different opinions of different teachers, which are unique to the international competition.

Introducing schools and courses where you can learn violin, viola, cello, contrabass, bass, guitar, harp, mandolin, viola da gamba, and old stringed instruments.As with keyboard instruments, there are a wide variety of popular stringed instruments to study abroad.

Dominika Falgel / Professor, University of Music and Arts, Vienna, Austria & Professor, Graz National College of Music & Chief of Vienna Symphony Orchestra / Violin Online Public Lessons

Principal of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, learning from the Vienna Private University of Music and Arts & Graz University of Music / Limited to 2023 people on May 5, 26 (Friday) 

A world-famous female violinist who is the chief of the Vienna Symphony and has a high reputation for CDs.The range of violin playing methods is widened in all genres, and any question can be solved.

Vienna Spring Online Music Workshop

Let's prepare for leveling up and taking exams by participating in online music classes centered on the professors of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna / March 2021th (Friday) to March 3th (Tuesday), 26

Professors from the world-famous University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna gather!This is your chance to take lessons directly from a prominent professor in Vienna without an audition. A class that can only be done by studying music and vision in partnership with more than 600 professors.Recommended for first-time users!Rest assured that it is online!This class is perfect for those who are thinking of studying abroad for a long time or who want to make a connection with a teacher!

Tilman Wick / Former professor at Hannover College of Music / Cello Online Public Lessons

Cello online open lesson by Prof. Tilmann Wick, former professor at Hannover University of Music, Germany /2023 July 7th (Thu) Limited to 6 people

A former professor at the Hannover Music University who has a wealth of stage experience and is constantly pursuing the possibilities of the cello's range. Many of his students are active in the world of music.

Christian Altenburger / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Violin Online Public Lesson

Professor at the Vienna State University of Music who continues to produce professional players with accurate guidance / Friday, April 2024, 4, limited to 26 people

He has performed with prestigious orchestra and master conductors such as the Vienna Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic, and is a professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, who creates orchestras such as soloists, the Vienna Philharmonic, and the Munich Philharmonic through Dorothy DeLay's education.

Liana Gourdjia / Professor of the Ecole Normal Conservatory of Music in France & Sebastian Conservatory of Music in Spain / Violin Online Public Lessons

Violin online public lesson with Professor Rihanna Georgia of École Normale and Sebastian Conservatory / May 2024, 5 (Tuesday) Limited to a maximum of 21 people

Learn from a teacher who is from Russia, has a higher education in music in the United States, and is based in Europe, and let's make the charm of the world-class violin your own!

Peter Hörr / Professor, Leipzig University of Music, Germany / Cello Online Public Lesson

German Leipzig University of Music Professor Peter Hörr`s cello online public lesson / Monday, April 2021, 4 Limited to 26 people

Let's step into the world by studying under a professor who has a proven track record in orchestra joining the orchestra, playing in a world-famous hall as a soloist and winning the Echo Award as a conductor.

Gertrud Weinmeister / Professor, University of Music and Arts, Vienna, Austria & Professor, University of Arts, Bern, Switzerland / Viola Lesson

Viola Online Public Lesson by Professor Gertrud Weinmeister, Professor, University of Music and Arts, Vienna / Wednesday, April 2021, 4 Limited to 14 people

A member of the Hugo Wolf String Quartet.Serious lessons to acquire unwavering comprehensive strength with traditional Viennese instruction and Galamian style, the best educator of the 20th century.

Nahum Ehrlich / Professor, Karlsruhe University of Music, Germany / Violin online public lesson

Violin online public lesson by Professor Nahum Ehrlich, Professor of Music University, Karlsruhe, Germany / Thursday, April 2021, 4 Limited to 15 people

Let's solve the current habit with the violin lesson of the professor of Karlsruhe University of Music, who has also served as a judge of the international competition and raises many students professionally with the teaching method for nearly 40 years!

Christian Ostertag / Southwestern German Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster & Karlsruhe University of Music Professor / Violin Online Public Lesson

Violinist who has won the "European Soloist Award" and has sent many students to famous orchestras in Japan and abroad / Thursday, June 2023, 6, limited to up to 15 people

This violinist is sought after from Japan, the Americas, and European countries.Learn from a popular professor, such as a concertmaster training master class.

Peter Bruns / Professor at Leipzig University of Music, Germany / Cello Online Public Lessons

A professor at the Leipzig University of Music who is said to be witnessing a new Casals / 2023 September 9th (Tue) Limited to 12 people

Using the 1730 Venetian Carlo Tononi that Pablo Casals once owned, his tone played at the world's major concert halls and music festivals won the French Cannes Record Award "Midem Classic Award". I will do it.

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