Wind instrument course list

Introducing schools where you can learn flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, euphonium, saxophone, cornet, recorder, panpipe, and old wind instruments.

Overseas music college entrance examination preparation course

Learn from European and American professional musicians in Tokyo

This is a program that you should definitely study for preparing for the entrance exam for overseas music college, preparing for short-term music study abroad, and living locally.
It consists of three subjects, "Major Practical Skills", "Music Theory", and "Language", and you can take all subjects or only one subject.
As a general rule, all subjects are private lessons, so it is possible to organize the curriculum according to the time and purpose of each customer.

Summer course

This summer, a Western musician teaches in [authentic style]

During the summer vacation week (7 days) from July to August, you will intensively study "major skills," "music theory," and "language" in foreign languages ​​from Western musicians in Europe and the United States.It is also ideal for those who want to concentrate on studying in a short period of time, or those who are thinking of rewinding the delay.It is possible to take only one subject, such as music theory only.

Spring course

Now that spring break is one step ahead of the success of studying abroad

During the spring break week (3 days) in March, students will intensively study "major skills," "music theory," and "language" in foreign languages ​​from Western musicians in Europe and the United States.It is also ideal for those who want to study intensively in a short period of time or who are thinking about one step ahead during the holidays.It is possible to take only one subject, such as music theory only. Aim to go one step further before the new semester or life that begins in April.Please feel the growth after taking the course.

Optional lessons

Customized to your needs

While taking the basic course, you can add options that meet your needs.School members can also take optional courses only.If you do not find the item (lesson) you want in the list below, please ask your counselor.

<Recruiting> Uwe Komischke/Professor of Franz Liszt University of Music, Germany/Former Principal of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra/Trumpet Online Public Lessons

Let's run into the former Principal Trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic / Limited to 2024 people on Friday, June 3, 22

The lesson of Uwe Komishke, who has been active as the chief trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic for many years and still stands at the top of the world.

Uwe Köller / German Brass Member & Professor, Graz National College of Music, Austria / Trumpet Online Public Lesson

Germany's strongest brass ensemble, German brass members online public lesson / Thursday, January 2024, 4, limited to up to 11 people

A trumpet online lesson by the German Brass member of that transcendental group and a professor at the Gratz National College of Music. It is a lesson for students who has a track record of making many students professional and sometimes even produces special practice videos for each student.

<Recruiting> Pierre Martens / Professor, Lübeck Academy of Music, Germany & Former Chief of Bamberg Symphony Orchestra / Bassoon Online Public Lesson

A professor at the Lübeck Academy of Music who falls in love with the bassoon and is passionate about it. / Limited to 2024 people on Friday, December 4, 19

A longtime principal player at the prestigious Bamberg Symphony Orchestra in Germany, he is now a professor at the Lübeck Academy of Music, leading many students to professionalism. Let's pass on the knowledge, technique, and musicality of the bassoon, with the passion that is hidden inside!

<Recruiting> Georg Alzberger / Professor, Munich University of Music, Germany & Former Principal, Deutsche Oper Berlin / Clarinet Online Open Lesson

Learn the essence of German orchestras from the former principal of the Deutsche Oper Orchestra Berlin! /Tuesday, February 2024, 2 Limited to 20 people

Let's leap into the world by inheriting the spirit and virtuosity of classical music from Professor Georg Arzberger, who is active in the Deutsche Oper Berlin and is currently a professor at the University of Music Munich!

<Recruiting> Marco Thomas / Professor, Bremen University of Music, Germany & Former Principal of the Berlin Philharmoniker Orchestra / Clarinet Online Public Lessons

Learn the finest clarinet sound from the ex-principal of the Berliner Philharmoniker! / 2024 June 3th (Tue) Limited to 12 people

A professor at the Bremen University of Music, who served as the world's premier Berliner Philharmoniker and was a founding member and chief of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, will teach music and techniques that will lead to tomorrow. Let's inherit the musicality and feats of Kura who has reached the highest rank!

<Recruiting> Fabrice Milliche / Professor, National Academy of Music in Paris, France & Freiburg University of Music, Germany / Trombone online public lesson

Learn from the musicality of the trombone winners of the first-ever Munich International Competition / March 2024, 3 (Wednesday) Limited to 13 people

He won the 2007 Munich International Music Competition and established himself as one of the most talented trombone players.Learn all the musical and technical things from the top players and make them your own!

<Recruiting> Rupert Funkhauser / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Clarinet Online Public Lesson

If you want to become a performer or instructor in Vienna in the future. / Limited to 2023 people on Thursday, December 12, 14

He has visited Japan many times on tours of the Vienna Philharmonic, and the teaching method of the professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, who knows Japan well, is a lesson that not only overcomes weak points but also explores the possibilities of students. I'm glad that I can start preparing as a teacher as well as a career as a performer.

<Recruiting> Jérôme Guichard / Professor at the Lyon National Supérieur Conservatoire, former professor at the Lyon Regional Conservatory, former principal of the Orchester National de Lyon / Oboe online public lessons

Learn from an oboist who is a professor at the Lyon National Conservatory! /Wednesday, January 2024, 1 Limited to 24 people

As an educator and performer, this oboe player has been sought after at various music festivals and master classes.

<Currently recruiting> Oboe lesson (online) 1-time lesson

"One-day lesson" for those who aim to study abroad in Austria in the future and those who want to enjoy learning Austrian music / Friday, April 1, 2024

A one-day lesson by an AIMS instructor.It is ideal for those who want to try out the practical skills of their main major.This time, it's "Oboe Lessons (Online)", which is also a professor at Anton Bruckner Private Music University in Austria.

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