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Every year, many people study abroad for opera, vocalization, and language study.Voice is just an instrument, and your own body is an instrument.Please review your voice overseas and realize the charm of the voice that only you can make.

Overseas music college entrance examination preparation course

Learn from European and American professional musicians in Tokyo

This is a program that you should definitely study for preparing for the entrance exam for overseas music college, preparing for short-term music study abroad, and living locally.
It consists of three subjects, "Major Practical Skills", "Music Theory", and "Language", and you can take all subjects or only one subject.
As a general rule, all subjects are private lessons, so it is possible to organize the curriculum according to the time and purpose of each customer.

Summer course

This summer, a Western musician teaches in [authentic style]

During the summer vacation week (7 days) from July to August, you will intensively study "major skills," "music theory," and "language" in foreign languages ​​from Western musicians in Europe and the United States.It is also ideal for those who want to concentrate on studying in a short period of time, or those who are thinking of rewinding the delay.It is possible to take only one subject, such as music theory only.

Spring course

Now that spring break is one step ahead of the success of studying abroad

During the spring break week (3 days) in March, students will intensively study "major skills," "music theory," and "language" in foreign languages ​​from Western musicians in Europe and the United States.It is also ideal for those who want to study intensively in a short period of time or who are thinking about one step ahead during the holidays.It is possible to take only one subject, such as music theory only. Aim to go one step further before the new semester or life that begins in April.Please feel the growth after taking the course.

Optional lessons

Customized to your needs

While taking the basic course, you can add options that meet your needs.School members can also take optional courses only.If you do not find the item (lesson) you want in the list below, please ask your counselor.

<Recruiting> Viktoria Lukianetz / Professor, International Academy of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Public vocal lessons (face-to-face)


Muti, who is often called the best master conductor of the present age, has the ability to call him "the ideal Violetta".He specializes in Bel Canto works and has many fans in Japan.

<Recruiting> Barbara Bonney / Visiting Professor, Royal Academy of Music, UK / Former Professor, Mozarteum College of Music, Austria / Vocal Online Public Lessons / Annual Master Class Series

Not a lie! Directly taught by Barbara Bonney, a super major familiar with super opera lessons / 2023 April 4th (Mon) to December 10th (Wed) Limited to 2023~12 people

World-renowned soprano Barbara Bonney will transform your voice dramatically. Voices such as "I understood the problem", "I was taught the global standard vocalization", "It became easier to speak" are coming out one after another! Take the first step!

<Recruiting> Alison Wells / Professor, Royal College of Music / Vocal Online Public Lesson

It's perfect for competitions and preparation for the British College of Music entrance exams. / Wednesday, February 2024, 2 Limited to 28 people

Hone the flexibility of the entire vocal range by learning from a professor who has won many awards such as the Kathleen Ferrier Award, the UK's highest competition for young opera singers.

<Recruiting> Martin Vacha / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Vocal Online Public Lesson

A passionate professor who deeply teaches not only the technical aspects but also the interpretation and musicality of songs / Limited to 2024 people (Monday, February 2, 19)

His fashionable and passionate style of guiding students is the result of his coaching skills, who have a deep understanding of music, singing and studying management in order to survive as a professional singer. Follow a music education specialist and try to get the most out of yourself!

<Recruiting> Lucetta Bizzi / Professor Arrigo Boito, Conservatoire de Parma, Italy / Vocal Online Public Lessons

A master of bel canto who was also active in the Italian Year official event. / January 2023, 11 (Wednesday) Limited to 29 people

Master the Italian bel canto with a lesson from Arrigo Boito, professor of vocal music at the Parma Conservatory, known for his lyric soprano.

<Recruiting> Sophie Herve / Professor, Charpantier Conservatory, 18th arrondissement, Paris, France / Vocal online public lesson

Learn how to pronounce your voice from France's most popular teacher! ? /Wednesday, March 2024, 3 Limited to 6 people

A singer with many stage experiences and a lot of repertoires. Famous as an educator in France, I'm glad that I can learn techniques to make a solid voice regardless of body shape!

<Recruiting> Jean-François Roussillon / Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium & Professor at the Lausanne Supérieur de Musique, Switzerland & Professor at the Conservatory of Nantes, France & Former professor at the Conservatoire of Cergy-Pontoise, France / Voice online public lessons

A handsome French baritone uses logical vocalization methods to make his voice fly! / Thursday, February 2024, 2 Limited to 22 people

Baritone singer with a deep musical education, who stands on the stage of La Folle Journe, one of the largest music festivals in France, and around the world, teaches music and vocalization.With that teaching method of dancing to understand music, your song will grow even more.

Barbara Bonney / Austrian Mozarteum University of Music & Royal Academy of Music Professor / Vocal Online Lessons

not a lie!Professor Barbara Bonney, a super major who is familiar with that super opera lesson, is a vocal online lesson!

Online vocal lessons by world-famous soprano singer Barbara Bonney, a professor at the Mozartium Conservatory of Music and a visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Music.

Rainer Trost / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, active singer (Vienna State Opera, Bayreuth Festival, etc.) / Vocal online public lessons

Learn from active Tenor singers singing at major European opera houses and music festivals such as the Vienna State Opera and the Bayreuth Festival. / Limited to 2021 people on Wednesday, December 12, 15

A tenor singer representing the present age, who has made a name for himself as a singer of Mozart opera and has taken on a wide range of roles.Take lessons directly and get in touch with the essence of opera.

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