Trumpet course list

A trumpet that is in charge of the highest range of brass instruments.Among the many musical instruments, it is said that the character of the player is reflected in the tone.From majestic fanfare to sweet and sad melody, it is a great success in both classical and jazz.

Urban Agnas / Professor, Cologne University of Music, Germany & Stockholm Chamber Brass / Trumpet Online Lessons

What is a breathing method that allows you to relax and play the trumpet without overdoing it?

A professor at the University of Music in Cologne, who founded the Stockholm Chamber Brass, a brass quintet representing Sweden, and is active in the world as an active trumpeter. We will teach you the flow technique of playing the trumpet without overdoing it with your own breathing method.

Brandon Leidenawa / Canadian Brass & American Manhattan Conservatory & Manes Conservatory Professor / Trumpet Online Public Lesson

The secret of trumpet playing taught by the world's highest Canadian Brass members / Limited to 2021 people on November 11, 19 (Friday)

A trumpet playing method that eliminates the weaknesses taught by active top trumpeters who teach at the New School with the prestigious Manhattan Conservatory & Manes Conservatory in New York.I really recommend it to players who don't want to be a technical player!

Mike Zonshine / Professor, Cal Poly Pomona, California, USA & Former Chief of Honolulu Symphony Orchestra / Trumpet Online Public Lesson

Former chief of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra teaches a fascinating trumpet. / Limited to 2022 people on Wednesday, July 7, 13

Learn the trumpet that fascinates the audience from Yamaha artists who are brass coaches at the University of Hawaii Trumpet Ensemble and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and teach from amateurs to professionals!

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