Public lesson on trombone

Ideal for studying abroad in music or preparing for competitions.
Let's use it to find overseas teachers!

Open lessons / master classes for overseas music university professors and overseas orchestra players.When the teacher comes to Japan and holds the event face-to-face, it may be held online by connecting overseas and Japan.You can participate as a student or an auditor as an event for each event.Depending on the course, generally anyone, regardless of level or age, can participate as a student.With a Japanese interpreter, it is safe for those who are worried about words.
* Online holding is a great opportunity to take lessons for teachers who do not come to Japan.
* There are also open lessons for Japanese music university professors / former professors.
* Online lessons at home, such as distant places and infection prevention, are also welcome.

● Those who are planning to study music in the future

Great for finding a teacher.Take lessons from various teachers in advance, including face-to-face and online, to check compatibility with the teacher.There are really various ways of thinking depending on the teacher, such as gentle, strict, powerful, personality compatibility such as always smiling, solid from the basics, no basics, only musical things.Please check the compatibility with your teacher in advance.If the teacher is decided as soon as possible, preparations such as selecting a song that suits the exam are perfect.The sooner you pass the exam, the closer you will be!
* Some of the open lessons can be used as they are for the exam due to the partnership between And Vision and the overseas music college / conservatory or professor.If you would like to go on to higher education, please take this opportunity as the course title says "Recruiting / Can be used for local school exams" and the text says so!

● Preparing for concerts and competitions, leveling up, etc.

Please feel free to use the playing methods that are accepted overseas and the different opinions of different teachers, which are unique to the international competition.

The trombone, which was once said to be a sacred instrument along with the organ, has become an indispensable part of the orchestra since Beethoven.There are several types depending on the range, and it has an outstanding presence in brass band, brass band, and jazz.

Jacques Mauger / French Ecole Normal Conservatory & Swiss Lausanne Conservatory of Music Fribourg & Paris Opera Orchestra Former Chief / Trombone Online Public Lessons

It's not a dream. Lessons by world-famous soloist Jacques Mauger. / 2023 November 6th (Tue) Limited to 27 people

What do you learn from one of the world's leading trombone soloists, who are passionate about teaching in various parts of Europe, including the City Conservatory of Paris?

Fabrice Milliche / Professor, National Academy of Music in Paris, France & Freiburg University of Music, Germany / Trombone online public lesson

Learn from the musicality of the trombone winners of the first-ever Munich International Competition / March 2024, 3 (Wednesday) Limited to 13 people

He won the 2007 Munich International Music Competition and established himself as one of the most talented trombone players.Learn all the musical and technical things from the top players and make them your own!

Thomas Horch / Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Germany & Professor, University of Music Munich / Trombone Online Public Lessons

The fundamentals that the former head of the Berlin Philharmonic and head of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra still cherish. /Wednesday, May 2024, 5 Limited to 29 people

The world's highest-ranked trombone player who is described as "knowing how to expand creatively and colorfully beyond the limits of trombone. "Would you like to be so familiar with the trombone that you are involved in the development of musical instruments and want to know what the "basics" that the professor emphasizes?

Matt Barbier / Professor, Faculty of Music, Los Angeles City College, USA / Trombone Online Public Lessons

Described as "violent and brilliant," the lessons pursue possibilities. / Limited to 2022 people on Thursday, July 7, 21

Active in a wide range of music genres, from classical to contemporary music, including experimental music, centered on LA.His attitude of facing music and constantly exploring it is truly a music seeker.The feature of the lesson is to discuss not only the technique but also the inner part.Let's open up your life in LA where artists gather!

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