Voice / Vocal Course List

Introducing the best schools and courses to become a singer of music in a wide range of genres such as jazz, rock, pop, and Latin other than classical music.In addition to correct breathing and vocalization, you will acquire expressiveness such as improvisation.

Overseas music college entrance examination preparation course

Learn from European and American professional musicians in Tokyo

This is a program that you should definitely study for preparing for the entrance exam for overseas music college, preparing for short-term music study abroad, and living locally.
It consists of three subjects, "Major Practical Skills", "Music Theory", and "Language", and you can take all subjects or only one subject.
As a general rule, all subjects are private lessons, so it is possible to organize the curriculum according to the time and purpose of each customer.

Summer course

This summer, a Western musician teaches in [authentic style]

During the summer vacation week (7 days) from July to August, you will intensively study "major skills," "music theory," and "language" in foreign languages ​​from Western musicians in Europe and the United States.It is also ideal for those who want to concentrate on studying in a short period of time, or those who are thinking of rewinding the delay.It is possible to take only one subject, such as music theory only.

Spring course

Now that spring break is one step ahead of the success of studying abroad

During the spring break week (3 days) in March, students will intensively study "major skills," "music theory," and "language" in foreign languages ​​from Western musicians in Europe and the United States.It is also ideal for those who want to study intensively in a short period of time or who are thinking about one step ahead during the holidays.It is possible to take only one subject, such as music theory only. Aim to go one step further before the new semester or life that begins in April.Please feel the growth after taking the course.

Optional lessons

Customized to your needs

While taking the basic course, you can add options that meet your needs.School members can also take optional courses only.If you do not find the item (lesson) you want in the list below, please ask your counselor.

<Recruiting> Barbara Bonney / Visiting Professor, Royal Academy of Music, UK / Former Professor, Mozarteum College of Music, Austria / Vocal Online Public Lessons / Annual Master Class Series

not a lie!Directly taught by Barbara Bonnie, a super major familiar with super opera lessons / April 2023, 4 (Monday) to December 10, 2023 (Wednesday) Limited to 12 to 13 people

World-renowned soprano Barbara Bonney will transform your voice dramatically. Voices such as "I understood the problem", "I was taught the global standard vocalization", "It became easier to speak" are coming out one after another!Take the first step!

<Recruiting> Lynne Dawson / Head Professor, Royal Northern College of Music / Vocal online open lesson (with school staff briefing)

Lynne Dawson / Professor of Vocal and Opera, Royal Northern College of Music, UK / Vocal online public lesson / Limited to 2023 people on Friday, June 6, 23 With school staff briefing!

If you are thinking about studying abroad in the UK, you must see it!Experiences of studying music in the UK, school briefings by school staff, and lessons for exam strategy.

<Recruiting> Peter Edelmann / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Vocal online public lesson

Thoroughbred with great opera singer Otto Edelmann as father / Friday, November 2023, 7 Limited to 28 people

The role repertoire is over 75.With a strong and soft baritone voice inherited from his father, he is active internationally and is enthusiastic about teaching young singers.

<Recruiting> Mireille Delunsch / Professor, National High Conservatory of Music, Lyon, France / Vocal online public lesson

Authentic French music is taught by a professor at the Lyon Conservatoire, the highest peak in France. / July 2023, 7 (Monday) Maximum 10 people

Learn French music by learning from Lyric Soprano, who has a wide repertoire and has won the Legion of Honor!

<Recruiting> Mireia Pintó / Professor, Conservatoire de Conservatoire de Catalunya, Spain / Vocal Online Public Lessons

Professor of the State Higher Conservatory of Music in Catalunya, who will steadily improve / 2023th (Tue) July 7 Limited to 25 people

Opera, oratorio, REIT, and world-class mezzo-soprano teach solid techniques that lead to all improvements.

<Recruiting> Lionel Friend / Professor, Royal College of Music / Opera Theater and Music for Vocalists Learned from Opera Conductors (Online Public Lessons)

Acquire the acting and musical skills necessary for opera! / June 2023, 6 (Monday) Limited to 19 people

A conductor specializing in opera teaches opera acting methods and musicals (music) for vocalists. Now, the acting approach and the musical approach required by the professional opera industry are released. If you're an opera singer, maybe you didn't know it?

<Recruiting> Anna Maria Ferrante / Italy, Rome, Santa Cecilia Conservatory Chief Professor / Vocal Online Public Lesson

Learn from a professor who makes his debut from soprano to tenor. / Limited to 2023 people on February 9, 1 (Friday)

The 20th anniversary performance of the New National Theatre, such as Im Se-kyung as Aida and Matteo Castrigiano as Ottario of the opera Verisario, which was performed unattended at the Donizetti Opera, has the leadership to guide students regardless of voice or nationality to the stage. He is a teacher who stands out even in the home of the theater.

<Recruiting> Dominic Willer / Head Professor of Opera, Guildhall School of Music, UK / Opera, Vocal & Conducting Online Public Lessons

Opera learned from the head of the opera department of the prestigious Guildhall Conservatory. / Limited to 2023 people on Wednesday, November 11, 15

His ability to conduct operas, ballets, and symphonies around the world has been nominated for the Royal Philharmonic Society Music Award.It's a lesson that generously shares his talent and passion.

Viktoria Lukianetz/Professor, International Academy of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria/Open vocal lesson (face-to-face)

A pretty stage appearance and a beautiful voice full of dignity.The diva who shines the brightest! /December 2022th (Mon), 12th (Tue), 26th (Wed), 27 at Ochanomizu, Tokyo

Muti, who is often called the best master conductor of the present age, has the ability to call him "the ideal Violetta".He specializes in Bel Canto works and has many fans in Japan.

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