Voice / Vocal Course List

Introducing the best schools and courses to become a singer of music in a wide range of genres such as jazz, rock, pop, and Latin other than classical music.In addition to correct breathing and vocalization, you will acquire expressiveness such as improvisation.

Mireille Delunsch / Professor, National High Conservatory of Music, Lyon, France / Vocal online lessons

Introducing real French music from a professor at the National High Conservatory of Music in Lyon, France's highest level.

Learn French music by learning from Lyric Soprano, who has a wide repertoire and has won the Legion of Honor!

Mireia Pintó / Professor, Conservatory of Music, Catalonia, Spain / Vocal online lessons

Professor of the State Conservatory of Music of Catalonia, who makes it work steadily

Opera, oratorio, REIT, and world-class mezzo-soprano teach solid techniques that lead to all improvements.

Lionel Friend / Professor at the Royal College of Music / Opera Theater and Music for Vocalists Learned from Opera Conductors (Online Public Lessons)

Acquire the acting and musical skills necessary for opera! / June 2023, 6 (Monday) Limited to 19 people

A conductor specializing in opera teaches opera acting methods and musicals (music) for vocalists. Now, the acting approach and the musical approach required by the professional opera industry are released. If you're an opera singer, maybe you didn't know it?

Sophie Herve / Professor, Charpantier Conservatory, 18th arrondissement, Paris, France / Vocal online lessons

How to make a voice, learned from the most popular teacher in France! ??

A singer with many stage experiences and a lot of repertoires. Famous as an educator in France, I'm glad that I can learn techniques to make a solid voice regardless of body shape!

Victoria Lucianets / Lecturer, Austrian Vienna Academy of Music and Arts / Vocal Online Lessons

A pretty stage appearance and a beautiful voice full of elegance.The most gorgeous diva!

Muti, who is often called the best master conductor of the present age, has the ability to call him "the ideal Violetta".He specializes in Bel Canto works and has many fans in Japan.

Cassandre McKinley/Assistant Professor, Berklee College of Music, USA/Vocal Online Open Lesson (Voice Training)

Energetic and soulful expressiveness, passionate yet warm vocalist / 2023 people limited to March 2, 22 (Wednesday)

Learn the secrets of Marvin Gaye's tribute album, the god of new soul, from a singer who has been acclaimed for his high artistry and soulful singing voice.

Turid Karlsen / Professor, Stuttgart University of Music, Germany / Vocal Online Public Lessons

Learn from a world-class singer who specializes in dramatic soprano / January 2022, 1 (Friday) Limited to 7 people

Born in Norway, studied in the Netherlands, and based in Germany, his ability to set the world is truly origami.Why don't you aim for tomorrow's stage by being taught by a professor who has abundant teaching experience and knows all about auditions such as theaters.

Timothy Sharp / Professor, Mannheim University of Music, Germany / Vocal Online Public Lessons

Singing method taught by an active baritone singer / 2023 October 10nd (Mon) Limited to 2 people

A famous baritone singer who has a wide repertoire of more than 7 songs including 600 languages ​​and big songs, and is highly evaluated at each theater and music festival for his outstanding technique.While still active, his passion for passing on his knowledge of music and singing to the next generation will steadily lead his students to professionalism.

Michael Chipman / Professor of Colburn School, USA / Vocal Online Public Lessons

Preparation for the American College of Music Examination Study abroad in vocal music taught directly by the author. / Limited to 2022 people on Tuesday, July 7, 19

A professional vocal education professional who teaches a wide range of techniques from teens to 10s and leads to success. In his 70-year career, many students have won college entrance exams and scholarships, and their know-how is enough to publish two books.If you want to succeed in the American College of Music exam, this teacher is one of the best.

Jane West/Professor of the Longyi Conservatory of Music, Bard College, USA & Lecturer of the New England Conservatory of Music/Vocal Music Online Public Lessons

It's a soprano that co-stars with top American orchestras. / Limited to 2022 people on Friday, August 8, 26

The essence of an American fascinating opera that can be trusted by world-famous conductors such as Seiji Ozawa and Bernard Haitink by co-starring with major American orchestras such as the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Washington National Symphony Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Let's grab!

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