Public lessons for voice training

Ideal for studying abroad in music or preparing for competitions.
Let's use it to find overseas teachers!

Open lessons / master classes for overseas music university professors and overseas orchestra players.When the teacher comes to Japan and holds the event face-to-face, it may be held online by connecting overseas and Japan.You can participate as a student or an auditor as an event for each event.Depending on the course, generally anyone, regardless of level or age, can participate as a student.With a Japanese interpreter, it is safe for those who are worried about words.
* Online holding is a great opportunity to take lessons for teachers who do not come to Japan.
* There are also open lessons for Japanese music university professors / former professors.
* Online lessons at home, such as distant places and infection prevention, are also welcome.

● Those who are planning to study music in the future

Great for finding a teacher.Take lessons from various teachers in advance, including face-to-face and online, to check compatibility with the teacher.There are really various ways of thinking depending on the teacher, such as gentle, strict, powerful, personality compatibility such as always smiling, solid from the basics, no basics, only musical things.Please check the compatibility with your teacher in advance.If the teacher is decided as soon as possible, preparations such as selecting a song that suits the exam are perfect.The sooner you pass the exam, the closer you will be!
* Some of the open lessons can be used as they are for the exam due to the partnership between And Vision and the overseas music college / conservatory or professor.If you would like to go on to higher education, please take this opportunity as the course title says "Recruiting / Can be used for local school exams" and the text says so!

● Preparing for concerts and competitions, leveling up, etc.

Please feel free to use the playing methods that are accepted overseas and the different opinions of different teachers, which are unique to the international competition.

In order to continue working as a singer for a long time, it is essential to learn the correct breathing and vocalization methods.Learn the secrets of singing with a beautiful natural voice without hurting your throat with authentic voice training taught by professionals who have been active on the front lines for many years.

<Recruiting> Anne Peckham/Senior Professor, Berklee College of Music, USA/Vocal Online Public Lessons (Voice Training)

Vocal online public lesson with Ann Peckham, head professor at prestigious Berklee College of Music / Tuesday, January 2025, 1, limited to 21 people maximum

The professor in charge of the most important essential courses at the world-famous Berklee College of Music Voice Department will give your voice an all-round power.

<Recruiting> Lucetta Bizzi / Former professor at the Parma Conservatory of Music “Arrigo Boito” / Vocal online public lessons

A master of bel canto who also performed at the official Year of Italy event. / Thursday, July 2024, 7 Limited to 25 people

Learn Italian bel canto with lessons from Arrigo Boito, a former professor of vocal music at the Parma Conservatory of Music, known for his lyric soprano.

<Recruiting> Jean-François Roussillon / Professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium & Professor at the Lausanne Supérieur de Musique, Switzerland & Professor at the Conservatory of Nantes, France & Former professor at the Conservatoire of Cergy-Pontoise, France / Voice online public lessons

A handsome French baritone uses logical vocal techniques to make his voice soar! / Friday, November 2024, 11, limited to 29 people

Baritone singer with a deep musical education, who stands on the stage of La Folle Journe, one of the largest music festivals in France, and around the world, teaches music and vocalization.With that teaching method of dancing to understand music, your song will grow even more.

<Recruiting> Mary Nelson/Professor at the Royal Academy of Music, UK/Vocal online public lessons

Guidance by soprano and mezzo-soprano specialists is attractive. /Monday, September 2024, 9 Limited to 2 people

Teaching a female British vocalist who teaches only soprano and mezzo-soprano at the Royal Academy of Music, a prestigious producer of famous musicians.If you learn from a teacher who was a principal at the English National Opera, your voice will surely improve.

<Recruiting> Tomas Kardar / Italy Collepettitor & Vocal Coach & Estonian Academy of Music Visiting Professor / Piano Accompaniment & Vocal Music Diction Online Public Lessons

Coached by Collepetti, who is in charge of preparing world-famous singers to perform at La Scala in Milan and other venues. /Monday, June 2024, 11 Limited to 18 people

Colle Petitor & Vocal Coach, who prepares for the performances of world-famous opera singers such as La Scala in Milan and Deutsche Oper Berlin, has started lessons for singers and piano accompaniment. He speaks seven languages ​​and is an opera singer, even teaching diction.

<Recruiting> Claudia Marchi / Professor of Parma Conservatory "Arrigo Boito", Italy / Voice online public lesson

Learn from a mezzo-soprano recognized by Pavarotti. /Friday, October 2024, 10 Limited to 4 people

The singing voice nominated by Pavalotti attracts the audience at the most important opera houses in Italy such as La Scala in Milan and the opera houses around the world such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu.Published as a teaching book in Italy, the singing method should bring out your voice to the fullest.

<Recruiting> Susanne Kering / Professor (former vice-principal) of the Nuremberg University of Music, Germany / Voice online public lessons

It's hard to find a seat in the class...! Learn from the very popular mezzo-soprano. / Thursday, October 2024, 10 Limited to 17 people

A singing method taught by a great teacher who has been awarded a medal by the Italian government and asked by the Vatican to sing on the naming day of Pope Benedict XVI.This lesson should be kept secret from others ...

<Recruiting> Patrizia Cinha / Professor of "Giacomo Puccini", Conservatory of La Spezia, Italy / Online public vocal lessons

An Italian soprano teaches how to use the authentic voice. / January 2024, 9 (Wednesday) Limited to 11 people

The soprano, who has performed with many important singers and conductors such as tenor singer Juan Diego Flores and conductor Evelino Pido, and who plays the leading role in the world's major opera houses and the May Music Festival in Florence, teaches that singing method and teeth?

<Recruiting> Carolyn James / Professor at Hamburg University of Music, Germany / Voice online public lesson

He is a world-famous soprano with interpretations of Mozart. / February 2024, 10 (Monday) limited to 7 people

A soprano who has performed convincingly throughout the world in opera works such as Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro, and Cosi fan tutte, as well as Verdi's Aida and Don Carlo. Get closer to the next level.

<Now accepting applications> Miles Griffiths / Active vocalist in NYC & former lecturer at The New School / Vocal lessons (in person)

Former lecturer at The New School, famous for his Pulitzer Prize-winning work / Course begins on Monday, August 2024, 8 in Ochanomizu, Tokyo

Top vocalists nominated by top New York musicians will teach with over 20 years of teaching experience.

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