Public lessons for keyboard instruments

Ideal for studying abroad in music or preparing for competitions.
Let's use it to find overseas teachers!

Open lessons / master classes for overseas music university professors and overseas orchestra players.When the teacher comes to Japan and holds the event face-to-face, it may be held online by connecting overseas and Japan.You can participate as a student or an auditor as an event for each event.Depending on the course, generally anyone, regardless of level or age, can participate as a student.With a Japanese interpreter, it is safe for those who are worried about words.
* Online holding is a great opportunity to take lessons for teachers who do not come to Japan.
* There are also open lessons for Japanese music university professors / former professors.
* Online lessons at home, such as distant places and infection prevention, are also welcome.

● Those who are planning to study music in the future

Great for finding a teacher.Take lessons from various teachers in advance, including face-to-face and online, to check compatibility with the teacher.There are really various ways of thinking depending on the teacher, such as gentle, strict, powerful, personality compatibility such as always smiling, solid from the basics, no basics, only musical things.Please check the compatibility with your teacher in advance.If the teacher is decided as soon as possible, preparations such as selecting a song that suits the exam are perfect.The sooner you pass the exam, the closer you will be!
* Some of the open lessons can be used as they are for the exam due to the partnership between And Vision and the overseas music college / conservatory or professor.If you would like to go on to higher education, please take this opportunity as the course title says "Recruiting / Can be used for local school exams" and the text says so!

● Preparing for concerts and competitions, leveling up, etc.

Please feel free to use the playing methods that are accepted overseas and the different opinions of different teachers, which are unique to the international competition.

Introducing schools and courses where you can learn piano, organ, harpsichord, piano accompaniment, keyboard, accordion, band neon, forte piano, and old keyboard instruments.Along with stringed instruments, the popular keyboard instruments have a wide variety of study abroad destinations.

<Recruiting> Trefor Smith / Professor, Hamburg University of Music / Piano open lesson (face-to-face)

Special Open Piano Lesson for Study Abroad by Prof. Trefor Smith, Hamburg University of Music/Saturday, November 2023, 11 at Ochanomizu, Tokyo

Pianist Trefor Smith, a professor at Hamburg University of Music who teaches the heart of piano performance, says that his fingers are there to draw out the heart from the notes.

<Recruiting> Konstantin Semilyakovs / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Piano open lesson (face-to-face)

A talented pianist who won a teaching position at a prestigious school at a young age / August 2023th (Monday) to 8th (Tuesday), 28 in Ochanomizu, Tokyo

In addition to performance activities and education, let's learn the world of "sound" that we do not yet know from a professor who is also studying synesthesia phenomena such as the appearance of sound and the supernatural intuition of musicians.

<Recruiting> Johannes Marian / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Piano Online Public Lesson

As a professor at the Vienna State University of Music, the lessons of a teacher who is also involved in university management as the chairman of the board are attractive. / Thursday, June 2023, 6 Limited to up to 8 people

I am glad that the professor, who has performed with famous orchestras all over the world and is also the professor and chairman of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, offers lessons tailored to each individual.

<Recruiting> Thomas Hell / Professor at the University of Music in Mainz, Germany / Piano Online Public Lessons

Online Piano Lessons by Thomas Hell, Professor at the University of Music in Mainz, Germany / August 2023, 8 (Thursday)

Dr. Thomas Hell, who has earned the tremendous trust of composers and musicians for his overwhelming musical expression supported by deep intelligence and his warm and ever-changing tones.

<Recruiting> Alberto Zasman / Professor, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria / Piano Online Public Lesson

As an active pianist and as a professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, learn from a pianist who knows the world / Limited to 2023 people on Friday, November 11, 17

Learn what music is from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, who understands music as a genuine Austrian and as a researcher with a doctoral degree!

<Recruiting> Graham Scott / Head Professor, Royal Northern College of Music / Piano online open lesson (with school staff briefing)

Piano online public lesson by Professor Graham Scott of the Royal Northern Music University of the United Kingdom / December 2023, 11 (Monday) School staff briefing session included!

If you are thinking about studying abroad in the UK, you must see it!Experiences of studying music in the UK, school briefings by school staff, and lessons for exam strategy.

<Recruiting> Maurizio Moretti / Professor of the Scholastic Conservatory of France & Cagliari State Conservatoire of Italy / Piano Online Public Lessons

Learn from an internationally acclaimed sensitive Italian pianist / January 2024, 1 (Monday) Limited to up to 8 people

The music that burns on the stage is attractive, as shown by a discreet and serious pianist.Incorporate the sensibility and passion of inheriting Latin blood and become the best pianist.

Jean-Marie Cottet / Professor of the National Conservatoire de Paris & Conservatoire de Paris, France / Piano solo and piano accompaniment online public lessons

Piano and piano accompaniment lessons from a professor at the Paris National Conservatoire & Paris Regional Conservatoire, France, which is very popular among Japanese people / December 2023, 6 (Wednesday) Limited to up to 21 people

How about taking in the French spirit and making use of it in your own performance under the guidance of a well-known professor who has learned from famous teachers and is familiar with how to teach to the next generation.

<Recruiting> Vladislav Bronevetzky / Professor, Conservatory of Music in Catalonia, Spain / Live Piano Masterclass

A Russian pianist who is fascinated by the deep and delicate approach and technique inherited from Virsaladze / 2023th (Wed) June 6, Limited up to 14 people

Barcelona is a vibrant city. Orthodox Russian pianism, where you learn and pursue in the blue sky that spreads overhead, the bright sunlight, and the air that naturally opens your body and soul.

<Recruiting> Gottfried Rüll / Professor, Nuremberg University of Music, Germany / Piano Online Public Lessons

Nuremberg University of Music professor who teaches everything from contemporary music to classical music / Limited to 2023 people on Friday, July 7, 21

From classical to contemporary music, he is a pianist in the contemporary music group "Neue Pegnitzschäfer" and is taught by the founder of the traditional classical "Ensemble Variabre". Let's master German tradition to contemporary music that lives in the present!

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