Public lessons for keyboard instruments

Ideal for studying abroad in music or preparing for competitions.
Let's use it to find overseas teachers!

Open lessons / master classes for overseas music university professors and overseas orchestra players.When the teacher comes to Japan and holds the event face-to-face, it may be held online by connecting overseas and Japan.You can participate as a student or an auditor as an event for each event.Depending on the course, generally anyone, regardless of level or age, can participate as a student.With a Japanese interpreter, it is safe for those who are worried about words.
* Online holding is a great opportunity to take lessons for teachers who do not come to Japan.
* There are also open lessons for Japanese music university professors / former professors.
* Online lessons at home, such as distant places and infection prevention, are also welcome.

● Those who are planning to study music in the future

Great for finding a teacher.Take lessons from various teachers in advance, including face-to-face and online, to check compatibility with the teacher.There are really various ways of thinking depending on the teacher, such as gentle, strict, powerful, personality compatibility such as always smiling, solid from the basics, no basics, only musical things.Please check the compatibility with your teacher in advance.If the teacher is decided as soon as possible, preparations such as selecting a song that suits the exam are perfect.The sooner you pass the exam, the closer you will be!
* Some of the open lessons can be used as they are for the exam due to the partnership between And Vision and the overseas music college / conservatory or professor.If you would like to go on to higher education, please take this opportunity as the course title says "Recruiting / Can be used for local school exams" and the text says so!

● Preparing for concerts and competitions, leveling up, etc.

Please feel free to use the playing methods that are accepted overseas and the different opinions of different teachers, which are unique to the international competition.

Introducing schools and courses where you can learn piano, organ, harpsichord, piano accompaniment, keyboard, accordion, band neon, forte piano, and old keyboard instruments.Along with stringed instruments, the popular keyboard instruments have a wide variety of study abroad destinations.

<recruiting>Elżbieta Karaś-Krasztel / Professor, Chopin University of Music, Poland / Piano Online Public Lesson</recruiting>

If you want to learn Mozart and Chopin, this is the teacher! /Tuesday, May 2024, 5 Limited to 28 people

According to Mozart's interpretation, it is considered to be the highest level in Germany, and Chopin and Polish music are good. If you go to Poland, Chopin! Even those who think that it is sure to be satisfied. Let's try the teacher's lesson!

<Recruiting> Ezio Ghibaudo / Professor, Valle d'Aosta Conservatory, Italy / Accordion Online Open Lesson

A world-class accordionist teaches everything from classical music to contemporary music. /Tuesday, June 2024, 6 Limited to 11 people

Piazzolla, of course, is directly taught by Italian accordion players who are highly acclaimed in various media, including Bach and Scarlatti. Please try it once and feel the difference!

Guigla Katsarava / Former Professor of Ecole Normale de Musique de France & Specially Appointed Professor of Tokyo College of Music / Public piano lessons (face-to-face)

This is a lesson to aim for the top spot in the competition. / Friday, June 2024, 6 & Friday, July 28, 7 Limited to 12 people each day

A professor who has served as a jury member of many international competitions such as the Poulenc International Piano Competition teaches all European works, mainly Russian works.Let's acquire the musicality to win the competition!

<Recruiting> Gilead Mishory / Professor, Freiburg University of Music, Germany / Piano open lesson (face-to-face)

A piano lesson with a gentle look and a poetic sensibility is attractive / May 2024, 11 (Friday) Limited to up to 1 people!

The piano lessons learned from the Freiburg University of Music professor, who are described as "sound magicians," "piano poets with perfected skills," and "pianists with attractive sounds and spirits," are wonderful.

<Recruiting> Roland Krüger / Professor at the Hochschule für Hochschule Hannover, Germany / Public piano lessons (face-to-face)

A piano lesson from a professor at a prestigious German school. /April 2025th (Tuesday) 4 in Ochanomizu, Tokyo

At Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, a prestigious piano school, the fascinating piano lesson is the teaching method that inherits and develops the teaching method from the famous teacher Karl-Heinz Kämmerling and wins many students in the competition.

<Recruiting> German International Piano Academy in Tokyo

Roland Krüger & Nobuhito Nakai / Professor at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover & Professor at Toho Gakuen University / Piano master class (face-to-face) / April 2025th (Wed) to April 4 (Fri) 16

If you want to learn classical music, go to Germany, the place that everyone longs for.Lessons by professors from Germany's prestigious Hannover Music Academy and Japan's prestigious piano education Toho Gakuen University will bring you closer to the next step.

<Recruiting> Hugues Leclerc/Professor of the Paris Regional Conservatory/Piano Online Public Lessons

Hugues Leclerc / Professor at the Paris Regional Conservatory / Piano online public lesson June 2024, 6 (Tuesday) Limited to 4 people

We will hold a piano public lesson by Mr. Hugues Leclerc.

<Recruiting> Silvia Rumi / Professor "G. Verdi" of the Milan Conservatory / Piano Online Public Lessons

Learned from the piano department professor at the Italian Conservatory of Music in Milan. /Wednesday, June 2024, 6 Limited to 12 people

Take a teaching award-winning lesson from Professor Rumi, a disciple of the virtuoso Jörg Demus.

<Recruiting> Elianne Reyet / Professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieure de Paris, France & Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium / Piano online public lessons

Learn from a pianist who is good at French music / Friday, September 2024, 9, limited to 6 people

Popular for her work with contemporary music and French composers such as Debussy and Ravel, she has been nominated for the International Classical Music Award three times and even won the Belgian Music Award for Octave. Let me gently tell you the secrets of the piano.

<Recruiting> Olivier Meurin / Professor at the Nancy Regional Conservatory, France / Piano online public lesson

A French pianist who combines maturity and elegance. / Friday, September 2024, 9 Limited to 27 people

A new generation pianist who has received praise from world media such as the Washington Post and Radio Classique as ``touching'' and ``beautiful.'' If you're aiming to study abroad or participate in a music competition, you'll definitely appreciate his piano lessons.

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