The school has a hall for holding group lessons and presentations within the group.It's not a big hall, but it's a comfortable space because it's close to the performers.The school also holds various events in the hall.There are also XNUMX classrooms.All are anechoic rooms, with a piano studio and rooms without a piano.All classrooms can be used as practice rooms.

* Music practice, lessons,Presentation within the groupOf course,OnlineConcert (no audience),It can also be used for shooting / recording, video shooting such as competitions, video distribution, telework, etc.

We do not lend out for the purpose of concerts with an unspecified number of customers.

Hall overview

Number of seats Maximum 30 seats / movable (approx. 37.5 m²)
Piano Yamaha C7B (# 4880863 1990)
備品 Music stand (2 units), microphone (2 wired), recording microphone (maximum recording 4CH), speaker, mixer,Projector, screen, PC,Internet (Wi-Fi / LAN) line, video camera, etc.
And Vision Hall
And Vision Hall

Classroom 1 (piano studio)

Available number of people About 1 to 4 people (about 12 m²)
Piano Yamaha C3L (# 6041124 2003)

Chair with desk (2 legs), white board, microphone for recording (maximum recording 4CH), speaker, mixer, monitor, PC, internet (Wi-Fi / LAN) line, etc. (Some of the hall equipment can be used. I have)

Classroom 2 (piano studio)

Available number of people About 1 to 3 people (about 10 m²)
Piano Yamaha C3E (# 4981186 1991)
備品 Whiteboard, speaker, mixer, monitor, PC, internet (Wi-Fi / LAN) line, etc. (Some hall equipment may be used)

Classroom 3 (practice room)

Available number of people About 1 to 6 people (about 9 m²)
備品 Desk, chair (6 legs), whiteboard, electronic keyboard, monitor, PC,Internet (Wi-Fi / LAN) line, etc. (Some hall equipment may be available)

Price list

We offer rental services for halls and piano studios.Fees vary depending on whether you are a school member or a non-member.For details such as how to applyContact Us.


60 minutes charge (tax included)

 WeekdaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidaysWeekdaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
hole 7,920JPY 9,900JPY 9,900JPY 12,100JPY
Classroom XNUMX 2,200JPY 2,750JPY 2,750JPY 3,300JPY
Classroom XNUMX 2,200JPY 2,750JPY 2,750JPY 3,300JPY
Classroom XNUMX 2,200JPY 2,750JPY 2,750JPY 3,300JPY

<Cancellation policy>


 1 month to 4 days ago: 50%
 3 days ago-on the day: 100%

・ Practice room

 6-2 days ago: 50%
 The day before / the day: 100%


  • There is no change in the price depending on the number of people.
  • As a general rule, it will be used during business hours, but if you contact us, we can respond outside business hours.Please feel free to contact us.
  • Please note the end time as an additional hour will be required for use over time.
  • Regarding the change of time, it is possible to change the same number of hours as the reserved time as long as there is a vacancy.If you want to reduce the reservation time, the cancellation policy will apply.
  • Customers are responsible for using the equipment.The staff can explain how to use it easily within the time you use it, but if you are using recording equipment, please use the setup support (or bring your own equipment). We strongly recommend that you include it.
  • As a general rule, your tuner is not allowed to tune the AIMS piano.If you wish, please contact us.
  • Please contact us if you are considering a corporate or group member.
  • Payment can be made by wire transfer, cash, credit card, or QR payment.

▼ Option

The following are optional charges (tax included).Please let us know if you need it.

  • Piano tuning fee: 27,500 yen / time
  • Lobby / foyer use (with Wi-Fi): 4,400 yen / hour or 11,000 yen / day
  • Recording / recording video shooting support for entrance exams / competitions (data passed without editing): 33,000 yen / time
  • Initial setup support for AIMS equipment such as online lessons: 33,000 yen / time
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