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In the latter half of July, many schools are announcing the success of overseas music colleges in the beginning of autumn.

This time, we would like to introduce some of the people who took online lessons at AIMS and won a successful pass.



The highest peak in the piano department, Hannover, Germany, passed the master's course in the piano department at the University of Music

Mayako Higuchi

 → Take online lessons with Professor Roland Krüger (Professor of the same school)



Passed the master's course in instrumental accompaniment at the Nuremberg University of Music, Germany

Shugo Nakayama

 → Dr. Dunya Roboti (Professor of the same school) Takes online lessons





Everyone prepared for the exam with the teacher in the online lesson, decided the song to take and prepared for the exam.

Some of them made final adjustments in a face-to-face lesson with the teacher just before the local audition.

I was able to realize the importance of preparing "together" with the teacher.


Please see our blog post for details on how to prepare for the online lessons!There is also an interview with Mr. Higuchi who passed the Hannover College of Music ♪

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