Professor affiliated with overseas music college

Professor at the Prague Music Academy, active in the Czech Trio.

The cellist of "The Czech Trio", the world's best piano trio that keeps the sound of Czech tradition, pushes your limits.

Former lecturer at Hans Eisler College of Music, who teaches step by step carefully.

Conducted the German Berlin Symphony Orchestra and the Leipzig Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, and learned from the front-line conductor who also shook the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra.

A voice lesson with a wide field of view by a vocalist who even works as a music director.

Let's make Marie a teacher who is an active musician and even a music director and voice coach for many musicals released in New York.

Learn from a former professor at the Vienna Private University of Music and Arts, who is active in a famous chamber orchestra

A popular violin professor who was very active in the Altenberg trio, one of Vienna's leading chamber orchestras, teaches techniques for playing masterpieces while mixing the philosophy of music.

Anastasia Siderinikowa Sensei

Instructed by an organ player at the Moscow National Philharmonic Hall.

A member of the Russian Organ Association, which has a wide repertoire from the 17th century to the 20th century and is also active in large halls in Europe and the United States.

A guitarist who creates a new sound by fusing elements of jazz, rock, funk, and folk.

Private lessons that teach you the experience of working as a backing band for leading American artists such as the Backstreet Boys and Kurt Elling.

Former professor at the Rome Santa Cecilia Conservatory, who has extensive teaching experience.

Professor Pepe, who has taught various students from 40-year-old children to active professional violinists and adults, will give lessons according to your purpose.Of course, taking the Italian Conservatory exam has a career of more than XNUMX years, so if you are preparing for the entrance exam, this teacher is definitely the one.

Juan Martin-Royu Sensei

Get guidance from a baritone singer who has a lot of stage experience and has played many roles!

A chance to learn vocal music, acting, and expressiveness from a singer with a wide repertoire.Of course female singers are also OK

Ulrike Steinsky teacher

Learn from soprano singers who have been awarded the titles of "Kammersänger" and "Professor".

Get in touch with the essence of opera under the guidance of a Viennese soprano singer who has performed more than 3500 times.

Special lessons for professional guitarists active in New York

The New York Times, a leading American newspaper, praised it as a "blurred melodyist."You will be taught the world-class guitar technique and the secret of free thinking.

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