Professor affiliated with overseas music college

A pianist with a wide repertoire from Romantic to contemporary music

Dr. Thomas Hell, who has earned the tremendous trust of composers and musicians for his overwhelming musical expression supported by deep intelligence and his warm and ever-changing tones.

The breadth of music taught by Anna, a female conductor and collepetit.

A lesson in which Anna, who is a vocal coach from the eyes of a pianist and conductor, learns everything necessary as a singer, from solo performances to opera tips.

Let's hit the former Munich Philharmonic chief trumpet.

The lesson of Uwe Komishke, who has been active as the chief trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic for many years and still stands at the top of the world.

Expand your means of expression with lessons based on the Alexander Technique

Serbian pianist who is active in various parts of Europe, mainly in France.A fascinating piano performance played with music cultivated in two cultures, slab and oriental.

Special lessons for professional guitarists active in New York

The New York Times, a leading American newspaper, praised it as a "blurred melodyist."You will be taught the world-class guitar technique and the secret of free thinking.

Learn from the Nuremberg Vocal Instructor, who also cooperates with the Juilliard School.

A talented Nuremberg College of Music vocal instructor, who also collaborates with the Berlin Philharmoniker, will teach you graceful singing and on-stage expression.

Fresh lessons from a professor at the Private University of Music and Arts Vienna

If you learn from Vienna's proud piano maker, Bösendorfer's official artist and the youngest piano professor at the Private University of Music and Arts in Vienna, you will surely be able to study abroad in Vienna.

Experts are here to nurture young talent.

Snezana Kiss manages all teaching methods to maximize the personality of a young violinist.

Professor at the National Academy of Music in Paris, who is responsible for the French cello world.

Marc Copey, a master who is already rumored to be one of the best cellists of our time.Let's directly touch the talent recognized by both Menuhin and Rostropovich.

A veteran professor who has been teaching at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna for many years

A chance to ask a professor who is also active as a chamber musician and who is a judge of various competitions in Germany and abroad to teach.

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