Professor affiliated with overseas music college

Former professor of the Royal Belgian Mons Conservatory, with an amazing repertoire.

From Scarlatti to 20th century music, duet, two pianos, two piano concertos.Ask the experienced Professor Uziel for anything.

Learn from an oboist who is a professor at the Lyon National Conservatory!

As an educator and performer, this oboe player has been sought after at various music festivals and master classes.

The juilliard graduate percussion genius who pushed the marimba to the leading role in music!

The most shocking and innovative percussionist in the modern music scene.While playing a variety of activities such as playing, composing, and producing music, he also devotes himself to educational activities.

Experienced former professor at Hanns Eisler College of Music.

Get solid guidance from Professor Khun, who has been active since the 1960s and has been teaching at the Hanns Eisler University of Music in Germany for over 30 years.

Claudia Friedlander Sensei

The size of the American style taught at Carnegie Hall is nice.

It's not just the technique.He is a teacher who teaches free expression of mind through classical songs.

Professor at the Prague Music Academy, active in the Czech Trio.

The cellist of "The Czech Trio", the world's best piano trio that keeps the sound of Czech tradition, pushes your limits.

Shenia Jankovich Sensei

One of the most notable cellists of our time to train a number of soloists

Xenia Jankovic has developed her talent as a cellist from an early age.A professor who sends young musicians to the world one after another based on his abundant playing experience as a soloist.

Professor of the Royal Belgian Mons Conservatory that brings out the charm of strings.

As a violin and viola player, as a concertmaster, a professor who is active in many chamber orchestras teaches the mystery of strings and ensembles.

Learn from a former professor at the Vienna Private University of Music and Arts, who is active in a famous chamber orchestra

A popular violin professor who was very active in the Altenberg trio, one of Vienna's leading chamber orchestras, teaches techniques for playing masterpieces while mixing the philosophy of music.

A professor at the Hamburg University of Music who teaches the heart of playing the piano.

Pianist Treffer Smith, who says, "His fingers are there to get the heart out of the notes," shows us what lies beyond the art.

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