Professor affiliated with American / Overseas Music University

The Isthmus of Panama connects North America, which has the United States and Canada, with North America, which has Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia.There are also various indigenous peoples with different cultures.

A guitarist who creates a new sound by fusing elements of jazz, rock, funk, and folk.

Private lessons that teach you the experience of working as a backing band for leading American artists such as the Backstreet Boys and Kurt Elling.

She also has the experience of being the first female chairman (dean) of the film music composition department at Berklee College of Music.

Learn the musicality of surviving in the entertainment industry from a professor at Berklee College of Music, who has composed numerous songs such as TV programs and commercials, and has won international awards.

Commercial music composer and producer for film music, TV shows, online promotions, etc.

Learn the skills of the contemporary music industry from popular active composers and producers who continue to send numerous video and promotional music to the world.

Learn from a Swiss-born violinist with a large chamber music repertoire

Many of the students have won numerous awards in international solo and chamber music competitions, and the teacher's private lessons have a good reputation.

Sensei Jeonghwa-Mun Auer

A pianist who is active all over the world as a piano duo with Edward Auer

With an exceptional piano talent and an insatiable spirit of inquiry, let's take lessons from a pianist who trains young musicians, not just his own playing activities!

A drummer who has been described as "the fastest in the metal world" and has made his name known all over the world.

A super-fast drum that will surprise listeners all over the world.Speed ​​and expressiveness learned from drummer Fro Monnier of Canadian metal band "Cryptopsy".

Learn from a certified instructor of the voice training method "Somatic Voicework"!

A jazz singer living in Boston with a wealth of stage experience.Also popular as a talented vocal technique instructor.

Antonio Chukka Sensei

An indomitable artist who strongly inherits the tradition of jazz through a wide range of musical activities

Learn from a versatile musician who leads the exciting jazz scene in NY, a director of jazz programming, and a music venture.

An active jazz guitarist who also works on the guitar textbook at Berklee College of Music.

Learn the qualities of a professional guitarist from a professor at Berklee College of Music, an international jazz guitarist, composer and lyricist.

A pianist with a 20-year career as a performer and instructor.

Held recitals in collaboration with various artists in the United States and abroad.A professor who is also active as a chamber music player who was involved in the founding of the professor.

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