Professor affiliated with Europe / Overseas Music University

Europe, the birthplace of classical music.Each country or region has a long history and tradition, and for better or for worse, it has developed its own culture while being influenced by each other.It is up to you to decide which country to choose in the same Europe.

Learn from a professor at the Catalan State Conservatory, who is also in charge of chamber music and improvisation, as well as flute solos.

Learn flute and improvisation from the musical-inspired flutist from Sergiu Celibidache, who was active in the Berlin Philharmonic and the Munich Philharmonic.

Learn from the prestigious Vienna Symphony Orchestra female first former concert mistress

Learn from the violinist who was the first female concert mistress at the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, one of Austria's most traditional orchestras!

Professor of the Ecole Normal Conservatory, a leader in the modern French piano world

A piano lesson that has a large repertoire of large works that can be said to be the highest peak of piano concertos, and its performance attracts audiences all over the world.

Sensei Jean-Paul Amber

The world's best organist, both in name and reality, awarded the French Arts and Culture Medal Chevalier

Learn the secrets of the art from a master who has been playing the pipe organ of a historic church for a long time.

A well-known cellist who conveys his experience and passion as a performer to students.

Learn the depth and breadth of music from the cellist who has been on the world stage as a chamber musician after working as the chief cellist of the Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra.

The most popular Russian soprano singer of this generation at the Berlin State Opera

A soprano singer who captivates the audience with his outstanding vocals and acting ability.Private lessons by a professor at Hanns Eisler College of Music, who has a wide repertoire and is active in opera houses around the world.

A pianist who has won a lot of prizes in many international competitions, mastering the Russian style.

Learn the essence of Russian piano from a professor with a wealth of stage experience who has performed with prestigious orchestras and chamber orchestras as a soloist.

A talented pianist who took the position of a professor at a prestigious school at a young age

In addition to performance activities and education, let's learn the world of "sound" that we do not yet know from a professor who is also studying synesthesia phenomena such as the appearance of sound and the supernatural intuition of musicians.

Providing "enjoy your voice" vocal pedagogy with a focus on jazz and pop

Learn how to enjoy your voice under a voice trainer with knowledge of jazz vocals, computer music, music production, performance and contemporary music!

Learn from an active violinist who stands on stage as a performer of a chamber orchestra

Born and raised in France, this is a chance to receive direct guidance from an active violinist who is also active in Austria and Germany.

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