Professor affiliated with Germany / Overseas Music University

Germany, a great power in Central Europe.We have produced many composers and performers who have made a name for themselves in the history of music, including Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms.Germany, with its low tuition fees at music colleges and excellent faculty, is still very popular as a study abroad destination.

The most popular Russian soprano singer of this generation at the Berlin State Opera

A soprano singer who captivates the audience with his outstanding vocals and acting ability.Private lessons by a professor at Hanns Eisler College of Music, who has a wide repertoire and is active in opera houses around the world.

A cellist who plays with the motto "Classical music is my love, flamenco is my passion"

Learn the essence of music from a professor who is enthusiastic about his own music, such as jumping over the genre of music and trying to integrate classical music and flamenco.

Learn from Ricardo Tamura, an active singer in the opera world who is thrilling today, such as the Metropolitan Opera

An outstandingly stable treble and a diverse repertoire that attracts audiences around the world.A tenor singer with a unique career of turning from a scientist.

Learn from professors who train a large number of international competition winners and talented people who can join famous orchestras!

A violinist who continues to have a passion to convey his experience backed by a wide range of artistic activities, such as soloists, concertmasters, artistic directors, and competition judges, to young musicians.

Jean-Francois Plan Sensei

With a wide range of knowledge about jazz tradition and history and emotional improvisation, we will pass on jazz culture to the next generation.

He has a unique career, with his parents' music experience at a record shop as the beginning of everything.Understand the essence of jazz and learn from jazzmen loved by many artists.

Jurgen Ebers Sensei

An oboe player who fascinates the audience with his dynamic and richly colored tones.

Learn from a professor who has been a solo oboe player for the Munich Radio Orchestra for many years and teaches his stage experience to young talents.

A violin lesson for the winners of the Tchaikovsky International Competition, which is described as "absolutely compelling performance".

Learn from a German violinist who has played with international orchestras from early on, has a rich repertoire, and has a reputation for teaching competition preparation.

An experienced professor who is the chairman of the Puri Amadeo International Piano Competition.

A professor who is famous not only as a talented pianist but also as an avid educator. A gem lesson that produces many international competition winners.

An active singer who has various voices and is active beyond the boundaries of genres

An active singer with originality that gently overturns stereotypes from a variety of musical experiences.Learn from genre-agnostic free improvisational masters.

Sensei Christoph Sickedants

A German violinist gives direct guidance to create live sounds!

In a place where the tradition of classical music is still alive, you will learn the power and technique to vividly express each sound from a violinist who has abundant playing experience and teaching experience.

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