Professor of Vocal Music Overseas Music University

Introducing schools and courses where you can learn vocal music, with a focus on classical music. Even if you say "vocal music", in addition to the so-called vocal music major, there are various contents such as vocal coaches, dictions, choruses, and early music.Choose a major that is closer to your interests.

The most popular Russian soprano singer of this generation at the Berlin State Opera

A soprano singer who captivates the audience with his outstanding vocals and acting ability.Private lessons by a professor at Hanns Eisler College of Music, who has a wide repertoire and is active in opera houses around the world.

Providing "enjoy your voice" vocal pedagogy with a focus on jazz and pop

Learn how to enjoy your voice under a voice trainer with knowledge of jazz vocals, computer music, music production, performance and contemporary music!

Natalia Goldar Sensei

A mezzo-soprano singer who continues to fascinate the audience with her emotional expressiveness and singing ability.

An opera singer endorsed by the President of Kazakhstan.A private lesson for an opera singer who was very successful in the role of Don Carlos Eboli.

Ulrike Steinsky teacher

Learn from soprano singers who have been awarded the titles of "Kammersänger" and "Professor".

Get in touch with the essence of opera under the guidance of a Viennese soprano singer who has performed more than 3500 times.

Juan Martin-Royu Sensei

Get guidance from a baritone singer who has a lot of stage experience and has played many roles!

A chance to learn vocal music, acting, and expressiveness from a singer with a wide repertoire.Of course female singers are also OK

Learn from Ricardo Tamura, an active singer in the opera world who is thrilling today, such as the Metropolitan Opera

An outstandingly stable treble and a diverse repertoire that attracts audiences around the world.A tenor singer with a unique career of turning from a scientist.

Rainer Trost Sensei

Learn from an active tenor singer who continues to fascinate the audience at the Vienna State Opera and the Bayreuth Festival.

A tenor singer representing the present age, who has made a name for himself as a singer of Mozart opera and has taken on a wide range of roles.Take lessons directly and get in touch with the essence of opera.

Valeria Mela Sensei

A genuine Italian mezzo-soprano singer conveys the depth of the opera.

Learn from the young talents of the Italian opera world, which has been expanding into various countries around the world in recent years, including famous theaters and opera houses in Italy.

Learn from a certified instructor of the voice training method "Somatic Voicework"!

A jazz singer living in Boston with a wealth of stage experience.Also popular as a talented vocal technique instructor.

Christina Miatello Sensei

Baroque music, a popular vocalist as a leading figure in 17th and 18th century performances

Learn from the world-famous vocalist in the interpretation and expression of baroque music.

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