Professor of Violin Overseas Music University

There are schools and courses around the world where you can learn the violin.The choice of study abroad destination is determined by whether or not you can meet the teacher you want to study in the end, taking into consideration your musicality, repertoire, culture and environment in which you want to be.

Learn from the prestigious Vienna Symphony Orchestra female first former concert mistress

Learn from the violinist who was the first female concert mistress at the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, one of Austria's most traditional orchestras!

Learn from an active violinist who stands on stage as a performer of a chamber orchestra

Born and raised in France, this is a chance to receive direct guidance from an active violinist who is also active in Austria and Germany.

A talented young violinist who started his illustrious career as a performer and educator.

Take a private lesson with a young violinist who has graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and has begun playing as a soloist.

French style violin technique learned from a French-born professor.

A talented violinist who has won many prizes in many competitions when he was a student. Private lessons that convey the rich stage experience of soloists and chamber musicians.

Learn from a Swiss-born violinist with a large chamber music repertoire

Many of the students have won numerous awards in international solo and chamber music competitions, and the teacher's private lessons have a good reputation.

Lessons for talented violinists involved in many art projects

Learn live music from a professor at the City Conservatory of Paris, who is the concertmaster of the French Broadcasting Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the three major orchestras in Paris at a young age.

Learn from professors who train a large number of international competition winners and talented people who can join famous orchestras!

A violinist who continues to have a passion to convey his experience backed by a wide range of artistic activities, such as soloists, concertmasters, artistic directors, and competition judges, to young musicians.

A violin lesson for the winners of the Tchaikovsky International Competition, which is described as "absolutely compelling performance".

Learn from a German violinist who has played with international orchestras from early on, has a rich repertoire, and has a reputation for teaching competition preparation.

Sensei Christoph Sickedants

A German violinist gives direct guidance to create live sounds!

In a place where the tradition of classical music is still alive, you will learn the power and technique to vividly express each sound from a violinist who has abundant playing experience and teaching experience.

The youngest violinist in German history to become a university professor.

Since winning the second prize in the international competition at the age of 13, he has swept a number of awards.Let's learn from a famous performer who gives a strong impression with a clear yet deep and rich tone.

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