Professor of cello overseas music university

A cello that plays an important role in both orchestra and solo.The low-pitched, gentle and deep tone captures the hearts of listeners.Studying abroad is something that will greatly grow you as a person.That naturally appears in the sound.

A well-known cellist who conveys his experience and passion as a performer to students.

Learn the depth and breadth of music from the cellist who has been on the world stage as a chamber musician after working as the chief cellist of the Royal Flanders Philharmonic Orchestra.

A female cellist who plays music backed by a wealth of culture and experience.

A cellist who has mastered his skills by continuing to study music with an insatiable spirit of inquiry.Opportunity to ask a female musician who has first-class skills as a chamber musician and an educator to teach directly.

A cellist who plays with the motto "Classical music is my love, flamenco is my passion"

Learn the essence of music from a professor who is enthusiastic about his own music, such as jumping over the genre of music and trying to integrate classical music and flamenco.

A cello master who is the chief professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Antwerp.

Learn the essence of music from a leading cellist with a brilliant career as a soloist and chamber musician.

A well-known leader who won the "Studio Teacher of the Ear 2008" by the American String Teachers Association.

Learn from a professor with a reputation for musicality and leadership, including holding recitals and master classes around the world as an American art ambassador, and winning the String Educator Award.

Learn from a cellist who fascinates the world with a natural performance that harmonizes with the music.

A talented female cellist who has swept many international competitions with pure and colorful tones and perfect techniques.

Marek Spakievic Sensei

Learn from a cellist who is highly regarded by Western experts and is also involved in famous film music.

A cellist with precise skills, musical score interpretation, and brilliant expressiveness, highly acclaimed by Yo-Yo Ma, famous composers, and British music magazines.

Claudia Zaragar Sensei

Born in Vienna, learn the cello from a child education specialist!

Take lessons from a cellist recommended by Kentaro Yoshii, the former chief of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Vienna Philharmonic, a chance to learn from a former cellist at the Vienna State Opera

In addition to the experience of the Vienna Philharmonic, he has attracted fans all over the world as a solo and chamber music player.He has a lot of teaching experience in the master class and polishes your music.

Shenia Jankovich Sensei

One of the most notable cellists of our time to train a number of soloists

Xenia Jankovic has developed her talent as a cellist from an early age.A professor who sends young musicians to the world one after another based on his abundant playing experience as a soloist.

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