Professor of wind instruments affiliated with overseas music universities

Introducing schools where you can learn flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, euphonium, saxophone, cornet, recorder, panpipe, and old wind instruments.

Learn from a professor at the Catalan State Conservatory, who is also in charge of chamber music and improvisation, as well as flute solos.

Learn flute and improvisation from the musical-inspired flutist from Sergiu Celibidache, who was active in the Berlin Philharmonic and the Munich Philharmonic.

Alberto Serapilio Sensei

A professor who specializes in clarinet and is also familiar with saxophone and jazz music.

Clarinet player, saxophonist, jazz musician, electronic music composer ... A professor who has various faces and studies music from various angles.

A professor who has a bass as a musician and teaches the Alexander Technique in parallel with the recorder

Learn from a professor who is a recorder player but also teaches the Alexander Technique, which allows you to remove unnecessary tension and use your mind and body freely!

German brass members, Germany's strongest brass ensemble, have private lessons!

A trumpet online lesson by the German Brass member of that transcendental group and a professor at the Gratz National College of Music.It is a lesson for students who has a track record of making many students professional and sometimes even produces special practice videos for each student.

A saxophone player who can collaborate with various fields with flexible thinking.

An up-and-coming artist who has a face as a jazz saxophonist, composer, and educator, and continues to create new art with professionals in various fields.

Jurgen Ebers Sensei

An oboe player who fascinates the audience with his dynamic and richly colored tones.

Learn from a professor who has been a solo oboe player for the Munich Radio Orchestra for many years and teaches his stage experience to young talents.

A trombone player with a reputation for rich tones will bring out your talent.

Learn from the Amsterdam Conservatory professor, who has the face of the Courtois artist, a soloist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

Diego Collino Sensei

A flute player who also has a face as a conductor

Learn from a professor at the Milan Conservatory, who has a wide repertoire from baroque music to contemporary music and is also a judge at domestic competitions.

Chief horn player of the Czech Philharmonic with experience in the international competition honorary award

Learn from a solo horn player who is the principal of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and teaches at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

One of the few professors who can receive the professional guidance of Piccolo in addition to the flute!

Former professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and former principal player of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra Flute & Piccolo.Especially with regard to Piccolo, we have established an unparalleled professional teaching method.

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