Oboe's overseas music university affiliated professor

Oboe was published in the Guinness Book of Records as "the most difficult instrument in the world".It is a double reed type instrument that produces sound by two reeds combined up and down, and the oboe "la" is also the standard for sound matching of the entire orchestra.

Jurgen Ebers Sensei

An oboe player who fascinates the audience with his dynamic and richly colored tones.

Learn from a professor who has been a solo oboe player for the Munich Radio Orchestra for many years and teaches his stage experience to young talents.

The world's best oboe player teaches the secrets and tips to make beautiful sounds!

Chief of the Vienna Philharmonic and Professor of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.Learn the soft sound from the master of Wiener Oboe, who can be said to be one of Vienna's leading oboe players.

Get tech and energy from a fresh young professional.

Under the guidance of world-famous Ingo Goritzki and conductor Zubin Mehta, he is an up-and-coming professional who has won many German competitions.

Lavinia Whitaker Sensei

An American-style and German-style oboeist with both swords.

The real oboe, inherited from the Berliner Philharmoniker and the principal players of the Western Australian Symphony, will be taught according to the level.

Czech Phil Chief Oboe, who also taught at the prestigious Brno Conservatory.

If Ivan Sekwald, who is active not only in orchestra but also in solo and chamber music and is a professor in charge of three subjects, teaches me, it's not scary.

Learn from an oboist who is a professor at the Lyon National Conservatory!

As an educator and performer, this oboe player has been sought after at various music festivals and master classes.

A young principal solo player of the Berlin German Opera Orchestra.

Dina, who has been studying under the chief oboe of Norddeutscher Rundfunk since she was 13 years old and has experienced various orchestras, teaches how to break through the audition.

Spiro's Contos Sensei

A soloist from Athens Broadcasting Symphony learned from Maurice Bourgue.

Professor Contos, who plays all over Europe, teaches at the Elenikon Conservatory and the University of Ionia, and introduces Greek musicians to the world, provides simple, high-quality instruction.

Dr. Peter Tavernaro

Holistic oboe lesson by Professor Anton Brookner Private University of Music

Professor Tavernaro, an active oboeist who shines in the ensemble, pays attention to the whole body and gives effective guidance.

Dr. Norbert Strobell

The current chief oboe of the Central German Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra teaches you.

The chief oboe player of the Central German Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, led by Fabio Luisi, reveals the magic of timbre to you.

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