Professor of percussion instruments affiliated with overseas music universities

Introducing schools and courses where you can learn percussion instruments, timpani, marimba, and drums.Percussion instruments, contrary to what they look like, are never easy to play.Although the percussion population is increasing year by year, only a handful can become professionals.

A drummer who has been described as "the fastest in the metal world" and has made his name known all over the world.

A super-fast drum that will surprise listeners all over the world.Speed ​​and expressiveness learned from drummer Fro Monnier of Canadian metal band "Cryptopsy".

Great chance to get guidance directly from the fastest drummer in Europe!

Outstanding stick control that produces ultra-high-speed continuous hits and a breathtaking sense of speed. Learn the secret of being called "Europe's fastest" from a professor at the Vienna Preiner Conservatory.

The juilliard graduate percussion genius who pushed the marimba to the leading role in music!

The most shocking and innovative percussionist in the modern music scene.While playing a variety of activities such as playing, composing, and producing music, he also devotes himself to educational activities.

Learn the essence of a drummer from the prestigious Berklee College of Music associate professor.

Get a world-class sense of rhythm with friendly lessons that are carved from two sticks with your whole body.

Sensei Emmanuel Sejorne

A professor who is active in the world as a percussionist and a composer

Learn the essence of a professor who has built a career beyond the boundaries of percussion with his wide and flexible musicality.

A professional professor at the Preiner Conservatory and the Vienna Conservatory (private).

A professor who started playing drums in a band at the age of 16 and is currently active in seven bands of different genres gives you confidence.

Rainer Seegers Sensei

Former principal player of the Berlin Philharmoniker, who is also a lecturer at the Hans Eisler College of Music.

Learn from the former principal timpanist of the Berlin Philharmoniker, who also teaches at the Berlin Philharmoniker Orchestra Academy.

He must be the top drum leader in America today.

Gary Chafee, a retired super-famous drum leader, is the teacher to introduce on his behalf.

Czech Phil Chief Timpani player who knows all about the orchestra

Michael, who plays an active part in the Czech orchestra, will teach you the secrets of orchestra play and the tips for breaking through the audition.

Professor Berlin, the Jazz Institute who created the masterpiece CD.

International vibe / marimba virtuoso David Friedman will teach you privately.

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