After confirming the contents of this constitution, when you fill out the required items on the prescribed enrollment application and lesson attendance contract (hereinafter referred to as enrollment application), between the customer and And Vision International Music School It is assumed that the lesson attendance contract will be concluded at, and you will be enrolled.At the same time, you will be required to pay the prescribed admission fee and the lesson fee of the course to be taken.As a general rule, the start date of the course will be from the first lesson day of each semester, but please note that even if you attend the lesson from the second lesson day onwards, the lesson fee for one semester will be required.If the customer cancels by the lesson start date due to the customer's convenience after completing the enrollment procedure, the enrollment fee, which is an administrative fee, will not be refunded.For matters not stipulated in this constitution,And Vision Study Abroad Program AgreementThe provisions of are applied mutatis mutandis.In this case, the term "study abroad program" in the same agreement should be read as "music school."

Lesson fees and non-lesson fees

Lesson fee

For each course you take, you will be required to pay for one year (two semesters) in one lump sum.As a general rule, the lesson fee is paid regardless of attendance of the lesson as long as you continue to take the lesson.

Change of lesson fee

The lesson fee may change during the lesson period due to the revision of the course.In case of change, we will inform you of the contents in writing in advance.

Admission fee

At the time of enrollment, you will be required to pay the prescribed enrollment fee as an administrative fee for the enrollment procedure.

Payment date

Due dates vary depending on the payment method and course. Please check the "Payment deadline" column of the "Membership application form".

Not delivered

Please note that we may contact you for a reminder if the course fee is not paid due to the inability to transfer at a financial institution.Please note that if you do not pay by the due date, we may cancel your membership and refuse to take the lesson.

Contract period

Lesson contract period

The lesson contract is a one-year contract.However, if the course period is less than one year, the contract will be for that course period.In addition, the period of the lesson you applied for is the instruction period determined for each course, not the contract period.

Automatic contract renewal

The lesson contract will be automatically renewed after the specified change deadline.Neither the customer nor the And Vision International Music School is obliged to renew.

Change of contract details

During the lesson period, we may request to change the class or instructor.If you request a change, we will inform you in writing in advance.If you agree to this change, the contract will be renewed with the changed content on the specified date.In the unlikely event that the customer does not agree to this change, the course contract will be terminated the day before the new contract becomes effective.At that time, we will carry out the procedure for terminating the contract in accordance with the provisions of various procedures and "withdrawal procedure".


In the unlikely event that And Vision International Music School bears liability for damages based on reasons attributable to that liability, the liability is limited to the lesson fee for one semester.However, unless the And Vision International Music School has intentional or gross negligence.

Take lessons

Lesson schedule

The lesson time per course and the number and duration of lessons per semester are predetermined for each course. For courses where the number of lessons per semester is fixed, as a general rule, the semester will be held on the schedule within that semester, but in some cases the dates may be adjusted across semesters. I have. As a general rule, the school staff will inform you of the schedule for one semester in advance. The lesson time per lesson does not include the time required for replacement.In addition, we have set summer closed, winter closed, maintenance closed days, etc.

Notification of absence

If you have to take a break or be late for a lesson, please be sure to contact the receptionist and school staff before the lesson start time.

Change lesson schedule

As a general rule, the day and time of lessons are fixed, but the day and time may change depending on the venue or the instructor's convenience.In that case, we will inform you in advance.

Temporary cancellation

In the event of a disaster, bad weather, poor physical condition of the instructor in charge, etc., the class may be temporarily canceled.We will inform you of the temporary cancellation by the start time of the lesson, but please be sure to register the telephone number and email address that you can easily contact at the time of enrollment procedure.A transfer date will be set for temporary cancellations.In that case, the transfer date may be after the next month.As a general rule, please note that there is no "make-up class" or "lesson transfer" if you take a rest for your convenience.

Substitute lecture

Please note that due to the instructor's illness, injury, childbirth, transfer, etc., another instructor may substitute or change the instructor even during the lesson period.

Change of class organization

In order to give more effective lessons depending on the condition of the class, progress, number of people, etc., the class may be rearranged during the lesson period (including changing to another day of the week, time zone, or changing to an instructor). We may do it.When advancing to a higher course or stepping up to a higher lesson, if the desired class cannot be offered due to the number of people who wish to take it, the venue, day of the week, time zone, instructor will be the initial schedule Subject to change from.Also, regarding individual lessons used in groups, group lessons and individual lessons may be on different days of the week, or groups and individual lessons may have different instructors.Please note that we may ask you to change the lesson schedule (both group and individual) during your enrollment period.

About course change

Each course has a consistent curriculum, so it is advisable to continue with the same course, but course changes may be made if the following conditions are met depending on the situation.

  1. When there are conditions (day of the week, time, number of people, etc. of the course to be changed) based on the acquisition grade
  2. It should be a good timing for the turn of the year, the timing of step-up, and the break of teaching materials.

Change of lesson venue

Due to circumstances such as the relocation or integration of the venue, we may request renewal in the middle of the lesson period, including changes in the location of the venue.In case of change, we will inform you in writing in advance.

Points to keep in mind when changing the contract details

If the customer agrees to a renewal request that includes the above changes in class organization, the contract will be renewed with the changed contents.

Events other than lesson days

We have you participate in various concerts and recitals according to the progress of the lesson.We will inform you of the schedule and expenses each time.

Handling of teaching materials

You may be asked to purchase teaching materials for each course.Once you have purchased the teaching materials, they cannot be returned except for cooling-off requests based on the Japan Act of Specified Commercial Transactions and defective products such as missing or incorrect pages, such as when applying for door-to-door sales.Please note that it is prohibited to copy or transfer the teaching materials without permission, except when the customer himself / herself uses them, according to the provisions of the Copyright Law.

To take safe and comfortable lessons

Safety / disaster response

We take great care to ensure that you take lessons safely at the venue, but please be careful not to do any dangerous acts even if you are a customer.We are not responsible for accidents caused by your own carelessness, so please be careful including physical condition management (lessons should be taken at your own risk and parents' responsibility) and valuables management.In the event of a disaster, please follow the instructions of the venue staff and instructors to evacuate immediately.


In order to proceed with the lessons smoothly, we will inform you about the promises to our customers.We may refuse to take the lesson if you intentionally perform an act that significantly interferes with the operation of the lesson, or if you act or act in a way that is contrary to social morals to other customers or instructors. ,Please note.Please refrain from using mobile phones during lessons except in an emergency.Please turn off the power or switch to silent mode in advance.In addition, please refrain from taking pictures, recording, or recording without permission when taking lessons.

Damage to buildings and fixtures

When taking lessons, please be careful not to damage the building and fixtures, etc., and if you intentionally negligently damage the building, fixtures, etc., you will be responsible for everything. Please be careful.

Various procedures

Withdrawal procedure

If you wish to withdraw from the membership due to circumstances, please be sure to fill out the prescribed "Notice of Withdrawal" and submit it to the school staff.If the venue is closed, we cannot guide you to a suitable continuation venue, if it is difficult to continue the lesson, or if you cannot contact the customer, And Vision International Music School will contract for the course. We may stop updating.In addition, if you act against social morals or if the And Vision International Music School deems it inappropriate, you may be asked to withdraw from the membership.

Long absence

  1. If you are absent from a lesson for one month or more in a row due to the following reasons, the lesson fee will be exempted only if you fill out the prescribed "long-term absence notification" and submit it to the staff by the notification deadline before the course. ..Please note that refunds may not be possible if the procedure is past the "various change deadlines".Also, please note that the deadline for "various change deadlines" varies depending on the payment method and the course you are taking.
    1. When it is difficult for the student to take lessons for one month or more in a row due to treatment for injury or illness
    2. When it is difficult for parents to accompany the lesson for one month or more in a row due to treatment of injury or illness, childbirth, etc. in a course that requires companionship
    3. When it is difficult for the student and his / her accompanying guardian to take lessons for one month or more in a row due to fire, flood, earthquake or other disasters.
  2. The long-term absence period is up to one semester, and after that, we will inform you in advance and decide the date to return to the lesson or the transfer time of the course to be transferred, or we will cancel the membership.There is no specific period until return or transfer, but we ask that you do not take a long time off from lessons.
  3. If you are absent for more than 2 months, you may not be able to return to your original class.
  4. Even during the period when you have been notified of long-term absence, if you attend the lesson even once in the semester, you will be charged the lesson fee.
  5. Please note that an admission fee will be required in principle if you re-enroll after withdrawing from the membership.

Address change, etc.

If your address or contact information changes, please contact the school staff immediately as we may be able to contact you.

privacy protection

About protection of personal information

And Vision International Music School has set voluntary standards of conduct regarding customer's personal information and strives to comply with the law.Customer information such as name and address will be used only for the purpose of school management, and for informing customers about musical instruments, music-related products, various events, and various services related to these. note that.If you do not need to correct the information or send direct mail, please contact the venue where you applied.

Revision of the constitution

We may revise this constitution.Please check the latest version on the homepage.If we want to revise the constitution, we will notify you in advance on our website.

May 2022, 5: Added "Damage of buildings and fixtures"

Contact Us

(Reception hours: Same as office business hours.)
◎ Please contact and confirm the following directly with the school staff.

  • Notification of late or absent lessons, confirmation of lesson schedule
  • Consultation on class and time changes
  • Inquiries regarding payment of lesson fees and procedures for withdrawal
  • Application for lesson tour, inquiry
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