Sales company name And Vision Inc.
Distributor address 101-0052
Kandasurugadai Bldg 3F, 8-2 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, XNUMX-XNUMX JAPAN
Phone Number 03-5577-4500
Email Address
CEO Hirotsugu Ikeda
Product price Display for each product
申 込 み 方法 Application form, e-mail, telephone, fax, application on the WEB page
Expiration date of application Nothing in particular
Due date for payment Specified on the invoice sent by us after application
Delivery time of goods The formal application will be confirmed when we confirm your payment.As soon as the formal application is confirmed, we will start the procedures such as arranging the school and accommodation.
Payment method Bank transfer, cash payment
How to handle returns (cancellations) If you wish to cancel the program for any reason after applying, please contact us in writing with the reason for the cancellation.Part of the price will be refunded depending on the time of cancellation.In addition, regarding cancellation of each school, the cancellation policy of each school will be followed.
Other than the product price
Required amount
Bank transfer fee, bank international remittance fee * In addition, you are responsible for the air ticket, passport, visa application fee, etc. required for travel.
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