Insurance product solicitation policy

Based on the "Act on Sales of Financial Products, etc.", the Company has established the following solicitation policy and will endeavor to sell appropriate financial products.

1. We will comply with laws and regulations and make appropriate solicitations.

We will comply with the Insurance Business Law, the Law Concerning the Sale of Financial Products, the Consumer Contract Law, the Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information, and other related laws and regulations.

We will establish an internal management system necessary to properly solicit customers and provide sufficient compliance education to officers and employees.

Information about our customers will be managed and handled appropriately in accordance with the privacy policy established by our company.

2. We will endeavor to solicit customers according to their intentions and circumstances.

We will endeavor to select the appropriate insurance products and services according to the customer's intentions and circumstances, taking into consideration the knowledge, experience, property status, purpose of subscription, etc. of the customer's insurance products and services. ..

When explaining insurance products and services, we will devise the content of the explanation, including the case of selling insurance products that do not face the customer directly, and strive to fully understand the product content.

We will endeavor to provide appropriate information on insurance products and services according to the time, place, and method that will not bother our customers.

From the perspective of preventing unauthorized acquisition of insurance claims, we will endeavor to sell appropriate insurance products.

3. We will endeavor to provide services that satisfy our customers.

We will endeavor to respond promptly, accurately and politely to inquiries from customers.

In the event of an insurance accident, we will endeavor to process insurance payments promptly and appropriately.

We will endeavor to collect various opinions of customers and reflect them in the subsequent sales of insurance products.

[Recommended sales policy]

Comparative explanation / recommended sales policy

We have established the following comparative explanations and recommended sales policies, and based on these, we will properly solicit insurance.

1. Our policy is to handle products of AIG Insurance Co., Ltd.

Reason for recommendation: We recommend AIG Property Casualty Inc.'s products, which are familiar with the practice of handling insurance claims, among transaction non-life insurance companies, so that we can make smooth insurance claims in case of emergency. increase.

However, if the customer wishes to receive product explanations from other insurance companies or other similar products, we will select and recommend products according to the customer's wishes.


2. Prevention of misidentification by customers

We are in a position to act as an agent and mediator for the conclusion of insurance contracts for insurance companies, and we do not display or explain "fairness / neutrality" so as not to be misunderstood by customers.

Non-life insurance solicitation agency: And Vision Co., Ltd.
Kanda Surugadai Building 101F, 0052-3 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 8-2, Japan
TEL: 03-5577-4500

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